NEW Dutch Photography Talent 2014

Last year, in August, I send in my portfolio for GUP's New Dutch Photography Talent 2014 submission.
Which is as GUP describes it:
"New is a book, a catalogue, a style-guide featuring the best 100 emerging Dutch photographers annually. New is a platform, initiated by GUP magazine, bringing Dutch based photography talents to the attention of galleries, museums, commercial and photography agencies, media companies and institutions that work with imagery."

Although I hoped for the best, I didn't expect that I would actually receive an e-mail in September which would tell me I was selected as one of the photography talents of 2014. After a small adaption to the selected works (I'm kinda picky when it comes to displaying my work, ha) the book was sent off to the printer.

The book has been in stores for a few months now. It shows a selection of my 'The Things' and 'The Great Escape' series and I still find it really awesome to find my work in a real bookstore next to 'real' photographers. It's such a big honour and I'm really proud to be selected! :)

Pssst... Thanks to GUP my work will also be shown in a new hotel in Rotterdam for an entire year as well, but I'll tell you more about that later!