♥ Count Your Blessings no8

Wait, three pictures to sum up an entire month? I know. I was busy doing so many things, both work related en 'fun' stuff, that I barely took any pictures of these events. The Holidays have been crazy busy at work and I had to finish some photo assignments in between my shifts so I could really use some time to reset my head.

But it's a new year so time for a fresh start! The past year has been really heavy on me and I'm really glad to have that behind me. Time for new hope and new opportunities. It looks like things are coming together, the way they should, so that gives me some time to breath. I'm looking forward to a new year with new plans, perhaps we could even enjoy a well deserved holiday? Who knows! 2014, for me, is all about making a new start, let's hope it will work out the way I hope :) After I'm done writing this post it's time to pack my bag because starting tomorrow I will enjoy two days off in Groningen, really excited about that!

This month:
Nice concerts / Blueberry pancakes / Cooking some really nice food for Christmas / Watching the last minutes of 2013 pass right by / Christmas+NewYears dinner with friends / A new year!!! / A day trip to the veluwe / Great news for my boyfriend / Glowgolf / Cocktails in skulls with the best company / Tea, blankets and series / Having some days off♥

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  1. Those pancakes look very delicious :)
    I hope you will have a fun 2014.
    By the way, you have a new follower ;) x jessy