♥ Count Your Blessings no7

Texel <3

What a busy month this has been! I really needed to remind myself to take some time to breath, to look at everything from a distance for a moment. I still need to find the perfect way to combine my new job with my work as a photographer. The cold winter air drives me inside and it's just so easy to cuddle up in a warm blanket in my spare time instead of venturing outdoors. I will find my way, I'm sure :)

The biggest blessing this month is without a doubt my boyfriend, my Rick. We've celebrated our nine years anniversary on Texel earlier this month. It's so nice to have somebody who's there for you, every moment of the day, no matter what. He's been there for many many years now and I'm so happy to have him in my life.

This month:
Texel <3 / Seeing a real seal only a few meters away / Long winter walks / Drinking winter beers on an empty beach / ♥ nine years ♥ / Beet risotto balls / GUP New Dutch Photography Talent book launch (will write a post about that soon!) / The start of my pretty ACU solo exhibition / Celebrating Sinterklaas / Getting some really nice presents / Texel beers and good company in Utrecht / Being asked to join a really nice project / Seeing Beertje grow into an even bigger and more beautiful cat every day / Being able to speak straight from the heart / Blankets, lots of blankets / Oh and yes, I'm going back blonde ;)

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