♥ Count Your Blessings no5

Beertje 1
Beertje 3
Beertje 2

Our maine coon baby from Femke van Veen on Vimeo.

Last month I wrote "I really do hope the good things will take over from now on". Not too long after I'd written down these words, we heard that this wonderful lady was going to live with us. She was born with the name Mademoiselle, but we like to call her Beertje (little bear, although she's turning into a big bear really quick!).

She's a maine coon with a pedigree more extensive than mine, ha, and was born in may. The first day she was a bit shy, but it didn't take long before she crawled right into my arms. She is so incredibly soft, sooo sweet and also a bit naughty. A little lady with a character, but such a sweetheart. I'm so happy to have another sweet little cat in my life, I still miss Sigmund every day, but this little lady brings to many love back to our house.

This month:
♥ Beertje ♥ / New shoes / The annual 3voor12 award mischief night / Surviving the massive flu (ugh two weeks) / Rhubarb lemonade / Red velvet cake / Finishing my Wooden Arms series / Strolling through Amsterdam / Dinner dates / Kitty cuddles / Trying new recipes / Having my boyfriend next to me, no matter what / Oh and Beertje Beertje Beertje Beertje!


  1. Wat fijn, wat een mooi filmpje.
    Ik hoop wanneer ik weer terug in Nederland ben ook een mama van een oranje poes te mogen worden. Nu smelt ik bij de foto's en de beelden, geniet.