♥ Count Your Blessings no4

New Dutch Photography Talent 2014

So many things happened this month, which felt quite overwhelming at some moments. Some good things and some bad things, I really do hope the good things will take over from now on. Buuuuttttt... Time to start off with a little (or big!!) party!

I've been selected by the editors of GUP magazine to be featured as a New Dutch Photography Talent 2014. How exciting!!!

The book will be sent to galleries, museums, commercial and photography agencies, media companies and institutions that work with imagery.. And last but not least: will be sold in many many stores. I'm so incredibly honored that my portfolio was selected. Wow, just wow! :))))

This month:
Dockville festival with Marcel / Renting a paddle boat in Hamburg / Hamburg / Woodkid / Gin & Elderflower tonic / Visiting the Efteling once again / ♥ Friends / Hooverphonic concert at the Amsterdamse Bos / Dinner parties / Having an early Halloween-movie night / Lots and lots of figs / Vlieland / Into the Great Wide Open / Swimming in the sea / Late night beach walks / Sleeping in the dunes / The Black Atlantic living room concert / GUP ♥ / Having the guts to do something ***secret*** / Lazy Sundays / Rabarcello / Chocolate cake / Hoping for good things to come