♥ Count Your Blessings no2


This Count Your Blessings is a small homage to my dearest cat Sigmund, who went on another adventure this saturday. He had been ill for a couple of weeks and, after a few hours filled with goodbyes, past away safely in the comfort of our hands. I'm completely heartbroken, since Sigmund was such a special little creature, and it hurts like hell. But I take great comfort in knowing that his pain and struggle has ended :) I'm so happy I was there for him.

People say a cat has 9 lives, this little cat had lived all his lives by the age of 9, it's always too soon.. I wish I could share every . single . picture . we . ever . took . with . you. But that would take forever, since I've (luckily) got tons and tons of pictures of/together with him. Sigmund is such a big part of our lives and we've had so many amazing times together. That's why it will take a while for these wounds to heal. My little blessing, my little Sigmund. Thank you so much for all the time we spent together, my dear Sigmund, you'll be in our hearts forever and ever.

Ik mis je miljoenen, kleine man


New series

I've been busy working on new (and existing) projects and I thought it would be nice to share a little preview with you :)

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