New website

Out with the old and in with the new! I've completely renovated my website, removed some of my older work and added a few new series (yes, I know, it took a while ;) ).

Feel free to browse around a bit :)



It's a book!

It's a book! I'm a book! How exciting!

I've turned my 365 project into a really beautiful (and heavy!) book :) It's so nice seeing my project 'in real life' after all those weeks. I was really nervous when the mailman rang my doorbell but I'm so happy with the result! The book contains 190 pages, made of heavy paper with a satin finish, pretty pretty!

From the start of my project I really wanted to turn my project into a book so I could watch it over and over again as I grow older. It's a nice souvenir of a year in which I grew towards the age of 25.

I've made it available for all of you (ha) to purchase in my own little bookstore. Please do note that there are lots of coupons available for discount (e.g. here), it could save you a few bucks :)

You can see a tiny preview of my book here: