Week 52


On Thursday and Friday I spent the whole afternoon cooking in preparation of our tiny birthday dinner on Friday. It ended up being a collection of the best recipes I've prepared this year. Yummy! Different from last years, we held a very tiny and intimate birthday dinner. Which was really lovely. I smiled a lot as I looked at everybody enjoying my food, drinking wine and making it a night to remember. A celebration of our birthday, but also of the closest friendships we have. (And a small celebration of the fact that I could make the guys wear a suit ;) ) Everyone together around one table, the arm of my best friend around me.. So much love and gratitude goes out to you guys <3 We're going out for Glow in the dark, 3D miniature golf sometime soon, how awesome is that! Probably just as awesome as this drawing made by Nikki :) The flowers and the people are ready for spring, but mother nature keeps on sending us snow and terribly cold weather. Make it stop please? On Monday I started feeling like, well, shit. Horrible timing. I've been avoiding the flu for so long now but I guess I just have to surrender. I made a huge pan filled with onion/leek/sage soup, time to sweat it out! :) Some already noticed: this week ends with picture no. 364.. So there's only one day to go! But first: back to bed... You'll see the grande finale next week!


  1. Ik vind je foto's zo mooi he! Ik vind eten fotograferen zelf ook heel interessant, maar heb pas sinds kort een 'goede' camera dus ben nog aan het leren. Je bent echt een inspiratiebron :)

  2. al het eten wat jij maakt ziet er altijd zoooo lekker uit, zo ook nu weer. foto 1, hallo <3
    enne, HOERA, bijna klaar! :) :)

  3. Ik ben heeeeel benieuwd naar de ALLERlaatste foto! Begin je dan gewoon weer opnieuw, alsjeblieft? Met je mooie plaatjes om elke week weer naar uit te kijken :)

  4. Gefeliciteerd nog met je verjaardag Femke! Ik vind je foto's supermooi en alles wat je kookt ziet er echt heerlijk uit! Hoop dat je besluit nog een jaartje door te gaan met dit mooie project!