Week 51


Since our birthdays are only two weeks apart, March is always centered around our birthdays. I'm really looking forward to the next week, spending time with my best friends and turning 25. I really have some amazing people surrounding me, that's probably one of the best birthday presents I could ever dream of. This week I decorated the living room a bit to get the house ready for our birthdays! Happy birthday sweet Rick (and Sigmund, who turned 8), may there be many many many birthdays to come (and to celebrate together) :)) We spent Sunday at Rick's parents, where 'suddenly' the room was scattered in old family photos. It was really cute seeing Rick dressed up as a lion, or cuddling with his favourite cat. I spent hours making this vegan (!!) baby, you can find the recipe I used for this vegan chocolate cake: here. It was a bit of a challenge finding a good looking vegan cake (since many contained nuts, and I'm allergic to them), but I'm satisfied with the result! And oh, even though it's vegan.. it's not really healthy ;) I went shopping with my mother in The Hague and got to choose a birthday dress, it's wrapped in a pretty box but the dress itself is even prettier! Can't wait to wear it! Some homemade pesto, cut up lasagna sheets and green beans made this lovely green lunch. A little bit of Spring on a plate.

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