Week 50


After a sweaty work-out it was time to enjoy a bowl of vanilla quark with some blueberries. I pop them in while they're still frozen, which turns the quark into ice-cream in some places! :) My boyfriend's turning twenty-five this Friday so I went into town and got him some nice presents. You're never too old for pirate wrapping paper, arrr! It started snowing AGAIN this weekend, so we made ourselves comfortable inside. Drinking hot cacao and playing games. I really really dislike flying, but I do like the 'vibe' of an airport. So after a quick visit to Leiden I went to the airport and just watched the people come and go for a while. A masseuse told me a while ago that my body is very centered and balanced. It doesn't always feel that way though so I've started mixing yoga in with my gym routine again. Namaste! ;) I had a meeting at the OBA (which is the largest library of the Benelux) and just had to have a look at Karina Schaapman's Muizenhuis. In the children's department there's a display case with a huuuuge mice house (it's more like a small city). It's really nice and detailed so it's worth having a look if you're in the neighborhood. I've spent hours an hours building my graduation series, so I can only imagine how many blood, sweat and tears are involved in this project. The past few days have been really busy and the next few weeks will be busy as well. So I took some time to just sit back and relax for a moment. Eating this wonderful lukewarm salad (made with lentils, grilled bell pepper/zucchini/red onion, lamb's lettuce and goat cheese) and listening to Kim Janssen's new record.


  1. Mm vanille kwart met blauwe bessen, lekker :D

  2. Wat een fijne foto's weer! :)

  3. Oh die mat is mooi!! En Rummikubben, heerlijk! Nog maar 2 weken... Blijf je daarna gewoon verder doen? ;-)