Week 48


One month to go guys! Playing dress-up with my boyfriend and cat, and no don't worry, Sigmund is fine ;) A quick mix up of quinoa/sugar snaps/seitan/bell pepper and some garlic and soy sauce. Quick and tasty! I spent an afternoon with Sara, filled with making great new plans and catching up. Sara always is great company :) Every time I'm out for groceries I walk past this group of pigeons, resting on the overhead wires. It looks like a busy pigeon meeting, they're chatting about and constantly changing positions. It always puts a smile on my face, but they're usually gone by the time I return to take a picture. Oven baked celeriac fries with a yogurt/garlic/dill dip, easy and slightly less unhealthy than your average fries :) It was a giant hassle (which is a slight understatement), getting my hands on this album, but he's finally here. So meet my new housemate: Glen Hansard! A week ago my iPhone died. It's silly how easily you get used to having everything you need in the palm of your hand. Calendar? Gone. Photos? Gone. Phone numbers? Gone. Traffic information? Gone. Twitter/Facebook when bored? Gone. Music? Gone. Whatsapp? Gone. I went back to basic for a few days, in a "screw you Apple"-mode. Even the Apple geniuses couldn't fix it, but luckily I was able to get a proper replacement on Thursday. I have succumbed to having an iPhone once again. But will make proper weekly backups from now on!


  1. Hoi Femke,
    Ik heb vandaag je blog ontdekt, wat een inspiratie bron zeg :) Hele mooie foto's maak je! En lekkere gerechten haha :) je hebt een bloglovin volger erbij!

    1. Dankjewel voor de complimenten! Dat is leuk om te horen :)))