Week 46


This week we spent a few days on Texel, our favourite island. We stayed at Texel's Design Hotel in Oudeschild, which is soooo pretty! On this day, two years ago, we stayed there for the first time and we were very lucky to sleep at this beautiful place again! I've stocked up some bath products because I don't own a bath myself, so I like to spoil myself a bit when I've finally got the opportunity to use one! (And I have to note, even as a former Lush employee, I still find these sales tactics really annoying) We had a huge bath tub, which could easily fit four people, so I could literally bathe in luxury :))) Every morning we found a basket filled with fresh bread standing on our doorstep. They have such great eye for detail, which makes you feel so special :) It was a very cold weekend but the island and the harbour looked so pretty. It was so nice and quiet (which is completely the opposite of living in Amsterdam), a perfect moment to relax :) I wish I could share more pictures of the amazing hotel with you, but unfortunately there are only seven days in a week ;) We're feeling a bit Texel homesick, but we'll probably be back soon. For today's lunch I mixed together some quinoa, pumpkin, butter beans, tofu, red onion and garlic to this lovely dish packed with flavours! Remember when I signed up for Curated? I received my first parcel today. It's a really nice and sturdy coffee handgrinder from Japan (the 'Porlex Tall'). Neat!


  1. o wat heeeeeerlijk, zo'n paar dagen Texel
    en dat ontbijt zeg! wauw! alleen daarom zou ik al bijna een plekje in dat hotel boeken :)

    1. Ja we waren er de vorige keer ook zo van onder de indruk: het ontbijt alleen al! Voelt zo luxe als je zo'n lekker plekje voor jezelf hebt.

  2. Wat een mooie foto's! Texel is echt heerlijk, ook mijn favoriete eiland! Maar ik verblijf meestal niet in zulke luxe hotels, haha. ;-)

    1. Ik, helaas, normaal gesproken ook niet. Dat zou wel heel fijn zijn! ;)