Week 44


It's snowing like crazy so I made my first snow angel ever. So much fun :D (And yes, I was wearing two layers of clothing, so the cold was manageable). I love early morning walks in the park, especially when it's still covered in snow :) It would be nice if Groningen would be a little bit closer to Amsterdam. Last week it was time for me to enjoy Eurosonic 2013, with lots of coffee/chai lattes and the best friends! Together with Marcel and Nikki I practically lived in the Coffee Company and Plato record store during the day time. We saw some great performances (and some terrible ones) and I had a really great time! It started to snow on Friday which made it feel like a little fairy tale :) I stayed at my best friend's place, so in the evenings I curled up into Thijmen's comfy chair with a cup of tea. It's strange how sometimes you can be so many kilometers away from home and yet still feel like you're at home. I felt really blessed with my great friends and returned to Amsterdam with a huge smile on my face. A little souvenir from Groningen: rhubarb and salmiak sweets from Søstrene Grene! Yummy :)) Meet my vegan vegetable 'muffins'! I found this recipe a few years ago, and still love it :) It's so easy to make but it looks really festive!


  1. Die eerste foto is echt super leuk! En dat eten ziet er heerlijk uit op de laatste foto :)

  2. ik heb ook voor het eerst sinds heel lang een sneeuwengeltje gemaakt
    gek eigenlijk hé, dat zoiets 'simpels' zoooo leeeuk is, en sneeuw zelfs nóg leuker maakt :)

  3. I discovered your blog few days ago, and i love your pictures & writing. Simple and smart. Thank you for being so inspiring.

    1. Aww thank you, that's so nice of you! :)