Week 43


Did you know you can oven bake a grapefruit? Awe-some! Perfect for these grey days. Or sunny days.. or perfect for just about any day if you ask me! I'm going to try Curated, it's a rather cool concept where you'll get send a special 'gift' from your chosen curator. They send me this welcome present, which made me even more curious for my first actual 'gift'. This weekend the sun came out a bit, which made it feel a tiny bit like spring. Oh, spot the rabbit! (See, it's practically almost Easter ;) ) There's a place in The Hague with amazing vegan/vegetarian food called Baklust. Unfortunately there's no need for me to travel to The Hague, but I was craving one of their sandwiches so I tried making one myself. It's a sandwich with spicy seitan, red cabbage and cucumber/garlic dressing. Ohhhhh. Every once in a while I need to plan an anti-social-activities-week. To work on my own goals and to get some new energy. My week ends today and I'm ready for social interactions again. Which is rather convenient as I'll be staying with my best friend in Groningen the next few days. Bye bye Christmas tree, I'll see you next year! And though the Christmas tree may be gone, the lights have moved a few meters to complete our bedroom. It's so nice and cosy :)


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  2. Wat een leuk idee met de grapefruit :) dat probeer ik ook :)
    Curated moet ik een keer bekijken :) het lijkt mij een leuke idee te zijn :)

  3. Wauw, wat maak jij mooie foto's. You got a new follower :)