Week 46


This week we spent a few days on Texel, our favourite island. We stayed at Texel's Design Hotel in Oudeschild, which is soooo pretty! On this day, two years ago, we stayed there for the first time and we were very lucky to sleep at this beautiful place again! I've stocked up some bath products because I don't own a bath myself, so I like to spoil myself a bit when I've finally got the opportunity to use one! (And I have to note, even as a former Lush employee, I still find these sales tactics really annoying) We had a huge bath tub, which could easily fit four people, so I could literally bathe in luxury :))) Every morning we found a basket filled with fresh bread standing on our doorstep. They have such great eye for detail, which makes you feel so special :) It was a very cold weekend but the island and the harbour looked so pretty. It was so nice and quiet (which is completely the opposite of living in Amsterdam), a perfect moment to relax :) I wish I could share more pictures of the amazing hotel with you, but unfortunately there are only seven days in a week ;) We're feeling a bit Texel homesick, but we'll probably be back soon. For today's lunch I mixed together some quinoa, pumpkin, butter beans, tofu, red onion and garlic to this lovely dish packed with flavours! Remember when I signed up for Curated? I received my first parcel today. It's a really nice and sturdy coffee handgrinder from Japan (the 'Porlex Tall'). Neat!


Week 45


This is my take on Ottolenghi's Chickpea, tomato and bread soup. I preferred adding my bread while eating it, since I really don't like mushy bread. It was sooo filling and warming, a great soup after a walk in the snow :) These snow walks brought us to many beautiful places, everything feels so calm and serene when covered in snow. Three layers of clothing, but it's still a bit too cold for my fancy, brrrr. The streets and sidewalks are frozen and slippery but my valenki boots prevent me from falling (well, knock on wood). They're not very flattering but they sure do keep my feet nice and warm :) I wanted to make a "Look how cute my cat is enjoying the snow"-picture. This was the result... My cat really dislikes snow and afterwards quickly climbed onto our warm bed to sleep. Okay, so Mexican food always looks a bit disgusting on photos, I'm sorry ;) But this black beans/red onion/rice wrap was so easy to make yet so delicious! I'm a sucker for pretty mugs/bowls/other awesome porcelain stuff (it runs in the family). Luckily for me I can project this onto my boyfriend by giving him some nice presents once in a while! For example this awesome rhino bowl from &k, pretty pretty!


Week 44


It's snowing like crazy so I made my first snow angel ever. So much fun :D (And yes, I was wearing two layers of clothing, so the cold was manageable). I love early morning walks in the park, especially when it's still covered in snow :) It would be nice if Groningen would be a little bit closer to Amsterdam. Last week it was time for me to enjoy Eurosonic 2013, with lots of coffee/chai lattes and the best friends! Together with Marcel and Nikki I practically lived in the Coffee Company and Plato record store during the day time. We saw some great performances (and some terrible ones) and I had a really great time! It started to snow on Friday which made it feel like a little fairy tale :) I stayed at my best friend's place, so in the evenings I curled up into Thijmen's comfy chair with a cup of tea. It's strange how sometimes you can be so many kilometers away from home and yet still feel like you're at home. I felt really blessed with my great friends and returned to Amsterdam with a huge smile on my face. A little souvenir from Groningen: rhubarb and salmiak sweets from Søstrene Grene! Yummy :)) Meet my vegan vegetable 'muffins'! I found this recipe a few years ago, and still love it :) It's so easy to make but it looks really festive!


Week 43


Did you know you can oven bake a grapefruit? Awe-some! Perfect for these grey days. Or sunny days.. or perfect for just about any day if you ask me! I'm going to try Curated, it's a rather cool concept where you'll get send a special 'gift' from your chosen curator. They send me this welcome present, which made me even more curious for my first actual 'gift'. This weekend the sun came out a bit, which made it feel a tiny bit like spring. Oh, spot the rabbit! (See, it's practically almost Easter ;) ) There's a place in The Hague with amazing vegan/vegetarian food called Baklust. Unfortunately there's no need for me to travel to The Hague, but I was craving one of their sandwiches so I tried making one myself. It's a sandwich with spicy seitan, red cabbage and cucumber/garlic dressing. Ohhhhh. Every once in a while I need to plan an anti-social-activities-week. To work on my own goals and to get some new energy. My week ends today and I'm ready for social interactions again. Which is rather convenient as I'll be staying with my best friend in Groningen the next few days. Bye bye Christmas tree, I'll see you next year! And though the Christmas tree may be gone, the lights have moved a few meters to complete our bedroom. It's so nice and cosy :)


Week 42


Happy new year! I really don't like the noise of fireworks, but I guess this sparkler is manageable. Sort of. We celebrated new year with Marcel and Nikki in Utrecht, good times :) Their cats are cute but very nosey. Try getting a good night's sleep with these little rascals surrounding you ;) I figured a healthy soup would be a nice way to start 2013. This is a broccoli/spinach/ginger soup (there's also some celery and parsnip in it). Yum! We celebrated a late Christmas/early new year with my parents this Saturday. We took a visit to a deserted (and very windy!) Zuiderzeemuseum. Winter weather calls for chai latte. I love love love chai tea latte! With a lot of extra cinnamon on top of it :) This could have been our last week of living the normal life... Oh well, one can always dream of winning the lottery! We didn't win the lottery, but I do hope 2013 will bring us new and exciting things. Looking forward to it :)

Only 10 more weeks to go on this project, time really does fly!