♥ Count Your Blessings no7

Texel <3

What a busy month this has been! I really needed to remind myself to take some time to breath, to look at everything from a distance for a moment. I still need to find the perfect way to combine my new job with my work as a photographer. The cold winter air drives me inside and it's just so easy to cuddle up in a warm blanket in my spare time instead of venturing outdoors. I will find my way, I'm sure :)

The biggest blessing this month is without a doubt my boyfriend, my Rick. We've celebrated our nine years anniversary on Texel earlier this month. It's so nice to have somebody who's there for you, every moment of the day, no matter what. He's been there for many many years now and I'm so happy to have him in my life.

This month:
Texel <3 / Seeing a real seal only a few meters away / Long winter walks / Drinking winter beers on an empty beach / ♥ nine years ♥ / Beet risotto balls / GUP New Dutch Photography Talent book launch (will write a post about that soon!) / The start of my pretty ACU solo exhibition / Celebrating Sinterklaas / Getting some really nice presents / Texel beers and good company in Utrecht / Being asked to join a really nice project / Seeing Beertje grow into an even bigger and more beautiful cat every day / Being able to speak straight from the heart / Blankets, lots of blankets / Oh and yes, I'm going back blonde ;)


♥ Count Your Blessings no6


Wow, time really does fly. It seems like yesterday that we lost our dear Sigmund and that Beertje joined our family. She's growing (up) so fast and sometimes she can be a real little rascal. But she is still our little red baby, with lots of hair and huuuuuge paws. She's also terrified of our backyard, so sometimes I carry her around to gradually introduce her to the world outside our apartment.

This month felt a bit like a preparation for the months yet to come, finishing existing projects and problems and also getting some room in my head for new things. I've even got two exhibitions coming up! On Thursday the 21st of November you can find my work on the launch party of GUP's New Dutch Photography Talent 2014 (Facebook event here). And starting from November the 25th I have my first solo exhibition in the ACU in Utrecht. So for all of you who are visiting Le Guess Who: don't forget to drop by the ACU! :)

This month:
Seeing my newest work on huge prints for the first time / Dinner parties / Playing fetch with Beertje (yeah, for real!) / Buying the best concert tickets for James Vincent McMorrow in February / Cherry meringue chocolate / The final living room concert at Marcel&Nikki's / Squash & spinach pasta rotolo / My dad turned 60 / New job and ending a previous one / Curated gifts (a coffee cupping set) / Slow mornings and busy evenings / Watching The National perform / Dreaming of finally going on a holiday / Waking up with Beertje on my head / Putting together some awesome Sinterklaas lists / Exhibition prep time!


♥ Count Your Blessings no5

Beertje 1
Beertje 3
Beertje 2

Our maine coon baby from Femke van Veen on Vimeo.

Last month I wrote "I really do hope the good things will take over from now on". Not too long after I'd written down these words, we heard that this wonderful lady was going to live with us. She was born with the name Mademoiselle, but we like to call her Beertje (little bear, although she's turning into a big bear really quick!).

She's a maine coon with a pedigree more extensive than mine, ha, and was born in may. The first day she was a bit shy, but it didn't take long before she crawled right into my arms. She is so incredibly soft, sooo sweet and also a bit naughty. A little lady with a character, but such a sweetheart. I'm so happy to have another sweet little cat in my life, I still miss Sigmund every day, but this little lady brings to many love back to our house.

This month:
♥ Beertje ♥ / New shoes / The annual 3voor12 award mischief night / Surviving the massive flu (ugh two weeks) / Rhubarb lemonade / Red velvet cake / Finishing my Wooden Arms series / Strolling through Amsterdam / Dinner dates / Kitty cuddles / Trying new recipes / Having my boyfriend next to me, no matter what / Oh and Beertje Beertje Beertje Beertje!


♥ Count Your Blessings no4

New Dutch Photography Talent 2014

So many things happened this month, which felt quite overwhelming at some moments. Some good things and some bad things, I really do hope the good things will take over from now on. Buuuuttttt... Time to start off with a little (or big!!) party!

I've been selected by the editors of GUP magazine to be featured as a New Dutch Photography Talent 2014. How exciting!!!

The book will be sent to galleries, museums, commercial and photography agencies, media companies and institutions that work with imagery.. And last but not least: will be sold in many many stores. I'm so incredibly honored that my portfolio was selected. Wow, just wow! :))))

This month:
Dockville festival with Marcel / Renting a paddle boat in Hamburg / Hamburg / Woodkid / Gin & Elderflower tonic / Visiting the Efteling once again / ♥ Friends / Hooverphonic concert at the Amsterdamse Bos / Dinner parties / Having an early Halloween-movie night / Lots and lots of figs / Vlieland / Into the Great Wide Open / Swimming in the sea / Late night beach walks / Sleeping in the dunes / The Black Atlantic living room concert / GUP ♥ / Having the guts to do something ***secret*** / Lazy Sundays / Rabarcello / Chocolate cake / Hoping for good things to come


♥ Count Your Blessings no3

De Poel

To be honest, I really need to remind myself to count my blessings. Sigmund left a big void in our hearts and in our home which is really hard. Everybody keeps telling me that time will heal the wounds, so I'll just take my time. We tried taking our minds of all the sadness by doing a lot of awesome things this month. We're slowly opening our hearts to give another cat a great home (and looooots of cuddles) but I will probably tell you more about in a couple of months :) We've enjoyed the weather, our friends and our daytrips.

I really want to thank everybody for all their support, I'm really surrounded by awesome people. Thank you for all your messages, calls, cards, hugs, comforting words, great presents, cherry beers and muffins, long train travels, vondelpark dates, support and love. It really means the world to me.

This month:
Having great friends around me who tried to comfort me as much as possible / ♥ / I am Oak in Artis / Sunday morning swim sessions / Texel / Healthy food / Living room concert of Tommy Ebben & Awkward I / Baking cookies for Moomin / Late night talks / Into the Great Wide Open volunteer meeting / Summer days / Location scouting on the hottest day of the year / Swimming in the sea / Visiting Corpus / Parade Amsterdam / Making new plans / Expanding my Wooden Arms project and getting really nice compliments about it


♥ Count Your Blessings no2


This Count Your Blessings is a small homage to my dearest cat Sigmund, who went on another adventure this saturday. He had been ill for a couple of weeks and, after a few hours filled with goodbyes, past away safely in the comfort of our hands. I'm completely heartbroken, since Sigmund was such a special little creature, and it hurts like hell. But I take great comfort in knowing that his pain and struggle has ended :) I'm so happy I was there for him.

People say a cat has 9 lives, this little cat had lived all his lives by the age of 9, it's always too soon.. I wish I could share every . single . picture . we . ever . took . with . you. But that would take forever, since I've (luckily) got tons and tons of pictures of/together with him. Sigmund is such a big part of our lives and we've had so many amazing times together. That's why it will take a while for these wounds to heal. My little blessing, my little Sigmund. Thank you so much for all the time we spent together, my dear Sigmund, you'll be in our hearts forever and ever.

Ik mis je miljoenen, kleine man


New series

I've been busy working on new (and existing) projects and I thought it would be nice to share a little preview with you :)

Other updated series can be found on my website!


♥ Count Your Blessings no1

Hi! Yes, I know, it's been a while but I'm back to share new stories and photographs with you.
First of all: thank you so much for all your support and really nice reactions to my 365-project, it's been really heartwarming! It's so nice to see that a project so personal, can mean something to so many people.
I wanted to start with a 'Count your blessings' project for a while now, but didn't want it to interfere with my 365-project. So, from this day on, I will share my blessings with you once a month :) It's easy to forget the nice things that happen to you, so I wanted to take some time to appreciate the 'little things' that life brings me. I sometimes struggle with only looking at the negative/hard moments of life, so let's see if I can change that :)

This month:
A really nice living room concert of Case Mayfield / Finally saw the new Evil Dead (awesome) / Took 2 short visits to Texel / Fresh fruits! / ♥ Celebrated our 8,5 year anniversary ♥ / Beers with friends/ Efteling / Cooked some lovely dinners for friends / Took some casting photo's, which turned out great / Baked an enormous pile of pancakes / Enjoyed the first real days of spring / Finally saw City & Colour perform / Brainstormed about great new projects and collaborations / Had some great talks and new insights / Received the news that I get to volunteer at Into The Great Wide Open!!!

Want to see more blessings? Visit Anki.


New website

Out with the old and in with the new! I've completely renovated my website, removed some of my older work and added a few new series (yes, I know, it took a while ;) ).

Feel free to browse around a bit :)



It's a book!

It's a book! I'm a book! How exciting!

I've turned my 365 project into a really beautiful (and heavy!) book :) It's so nice seeing my project 'in real life' after all those weeks. I was really nervous when the mailman rang my doorbell but I'm so happy with the result! The book contains 190 pages, made of heavy paper with a satin finish, pretty pretty!

From the start of my project I really wanted to turn my project into a book so I could watch it over and over again as I grow older. It's a nice souvenir of a year in which I grew towards the age of 25.

I've made it available for all of you (ha) to purchase in my own little bookstore. Please do note that there are lots of coupons available for discount (e.g. here), it could save you a few bucks :)

You can see a tiny preview of my book here:




Finally! I've made it through the year and defeated my very own 365 dragon. It was a year of personal growth and change. One year ago I quit my fulltime job, a job which made me feel miserable and completely out of touch with my own body and mind. Sure, it gave me certainties like a steady income but money can't buy you happiness. I decided it was time to start following my own dreams, instead of wanting to be someone that I'm not. My whole life, photography has been my way to communicate and it has always made me feel safe. I've studied photography, graduated with honours and afterwards felt it slip through my fingers.

So, one year ago, it was time for me to focus solely on what I wanted the most: being a photographer. Taking on a 365 project felt like the right thing to do. To get me back on track and back in touch with myself. Time really flew by! I've had some awesome photoshoots, cool projects and collaborations and even a few exhibitions. I've grown so much, photography wise, and it makes me feel very proud. It was a big project to take on, and it could be really hard some days, but I never gave up and just kept fighting on.

New plans and projects are waiting to be fulfilled, which is really exciting! And I can finally truly say that I'm fully in touch with myself. It was a big project, a true dragon some days, but I came out so much stronger.

♥ Always follow your dreams and your heart, nobody else will do it for you.

Thank you all, for your support. With loving e-mails, comments or real-life compliments. I never would have thought people would actually join me on my 365 journey, so I'm really grateful for all of you! :) It was a great feeling: watching the pageviews, followers and Facebook fans grow (and still growing) every week!

You can find al my 365 pictures here and all my 365 blog posts here.

Oh, and don't worry, the blog continues. Maybe slighty different from what you're used to, but it will go on :)
If you're interested in fun collaborations or joining me in other fun projects: feel free to contact me!
I'll see you soon!

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