Week 40


My secret project is growing quick right now. There's still a lot of effort to put into it, but it's getting there.. shhhh. Had a meeting with a former classmate of mine, Marcel. More exciting things are going to happen at ProPrints.nl so stay tuned! :) (You can also follow the Facebook page for upcoming announcements!) These busy days call for a nice and warming soup so I made this roasted bell pepper and garlic soup. Amsterdam is covered in grey clouds the past few days, it's still a lovely view though! I met up with Anne at the library, where we enjoyed the view and the red velvet cake I sneaked into the restaurant. Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this red velvet cake! Just.. awesome! I really have to resist the urge to crawl under the blankets, cover myself in giant sweaters end cocoon myself through these grey winter days. But these days could use some cheering up, so my duck (or as I prefer: geese) dress and wolf belt are here to safe the day! The deadlines are closing in, but the sunday is still a day of laziness. We played some board games, drank tea and watched some series. As always, the king of laziness, Sigmund joined us :)