Week 39


I always set up our christmas tree the day after Sinterklaas. If it were up to me I'd let it stand there all year round, in all its glory! It's a fake one, but it's really pretty :) We've survived the first day of 'real' snow. Well real.. it turned into a real mess within a few hours. I made this (perfect!) winter pie: pumpkin (steamed for about 10 minutes to soften a bit), red onions & courgette (sautéed with some balsamic vinegar/honey/salt/thyme) and feta cheese (and 1 whisked egg to bind it a bit). Yummy! Bye snow, I hope you will be back again soon (but please less messy and less wet). You can never, I repeat NEVER, own too much mugs if you ask me. Both my aunt, my boyfriend and his mother seem to agree with me on this point judging from the presents they gave me for Sinterklaas :) And yes, I know it's terribly cold right now, but that's no excuse to stop eating ice cream. Just pop some frozen bananas and frozen cherries in a blender, together with a little bit of water and get ready to enjoy this lovely vegan cherry/banana ice cream. Everybody has (or needs) those special people who'll guide you through everything. People who don't use your friendship for some personal gain, but constantly aim at building a better friendship. Together. People who can dry your tears and put a smile on your face, even in the middle of the night or on early mornings. No friendship ever existed without some small struggles, but these people are there for you.. and they shall be there for you. Anytime. Cherish those people, they should know how special they are. Cherish them, because where would you be without them? I've told 'them' before, but I will tell them again: I cherish you :).


  1. Wauw, alweer een mooie week gepasseerd! Wat een prachtig zelfportret, mooierd. Ik twijfel om m'n haar ook weer rood te kleuren (deels omdat ik mijn ombre al een beetje beu ben, en deels door jouw mooie rode bos haar!)

    1. Ja doen! Hoe meer rood hoe beter :)

  2. Ik houd echt van jouw foto's.
    New favorite blog :)