Week 35


It was quite a busy week but when times are busy it's important to enjoy the little things that life brings you. Tony Chocolonely has been my favourite chocolate brand for years now, and occasionally they come up with limited editions. This milk chocolate bar with caramel and sea salt really steals the show! We enjoy the tiny moments of sunshine that are still available before the dark winter kicks in :) Busy shooting exciting things so I threw some things together for a quick lunch. This wrap contains grilled beetroots (red and yellow) and paprika, couscous, spring onions, leftover lentil balls and my favourite: lots of ketchup! Karsu performed an session at the Fame record shop, of which I took some pictures for the Festivalinfo website (they can be found here). This lady has a great voice (and amazing hair)! I wanted to visit my parents for Sintmaarten (which resembles Halloween a bit) since it could have been the last time they could decorate the house like this. As my boyfriend put it "it feels like now, winter can finally commence" :) Sivert Høyem played an amazing set in an Amsterdam church called 'De Duif'. A great setting for a great performer, goose bumps all over! My first attempt at making poached pears turned out well. They had such a nice deep red colour :)


  1. ohhh die tony's chocolonely klinkt echt té lekker :) een Sloveens vriendinnetje importeerde altijd zeezout-chocola voor me, maar dat was "gewoon saai melk", dus sowieso dat ik deze ga proberen te vinden!
    en wauw, wat een mooie krullen.

  2. Jaa die limited versie van Tony Chocolonely was al uit uitverkocht toen ik vol goede moed richting Marqt fietste.. Zo jammer!

    En zoals ik al op twitter zei; die stoofpeertjes zien er goddelijk uit ♥

  3. Mooie foto's :) Ik vind vooral die met de lampionnen mooi.