Week 34


Wow, it's november already, time really does fly! I made spinach couscous with some cilantro and bell pepper and some lovely lentil-'meatballs'. A small wonderful dish :) Marcel is moving in with his girlfriend Nikki soon, so we helped him by painting his walls and drinking his beers at a concert evening he hosted. I'm glad that I could help them find a lovely little place they can call home soon! This weekend we also defied the stormy and rainy weather to celebrate my father's birthday. Little mister Sigmund here is always pretending to be a people person (ehh cat). But as soon as friends come around for a cup of tea he hides in the bedroom. What a true hero.. I got this cute beaver finger puppet as a souvenir, nomnomnom. On grey days like these you need some food to cheer you up a bit: a sourdough toast with goat cheese and blackberry, hmm :) Lovely! And if all else fails, do treat yourself to a nice warm cup of gl├╝hwein.

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