Week 31


As I started typing this, I can hear a soft coughing coming from the other room. My boyfriend rarely gets ill but is currently knocked down by the flu. Poor boy. Wow, I've never made beetroot soup before, but it sure was delicious! Just some sautéed diced onion with balsamic vinegar, beetroots, a tiny organic stock cube and some dried oregano and thyme. Mmmm. Slowly our inheritance shelf starts forming its own life. Ok, so this is the most simple pancake batter ever: 2 eggs, 1 banana and a small handful of oats. Put it in the blender/mixer/whatever and there you have it: the most fluffy pancake batter ever with a slight banana flavour! Every once in a while I allow myself a shopping spree in the local organic supermarket. This time I looked for things I've never tried before: figs, patisson and butter turnips. Still a bit unsure on how to cook them, but I will figure it out! I did have one happy looking grocery basket! I cherish the moments I get to spend with my best friend. It sometimes really sucks that he lives on the complete other side of the country, but it does make the moments we can spend together extra nice :) Last friday there was this horrible audience, terrible light and sound and disappointing desserts at dinner. It's a good thing that I was in great company to enjoy the evening nonetheless. And it's always nice to watch The Black Atlantic perform :)


  1. Wow, wat maak je mooie foto's! Leuk dat je de receptjes er direct bijzet :)