Week 30


Animals day was the perfect excuse to reuse the old whiskers of my cat. Ouch! Over the last few months I've tried out a lot of (to me) new combinations. This portobello burger beats them all! The oven roasted veggies and the baked portobello burger were simply mouthwatering. I get hungry again by just looking at it, mmmmm :)))) My boyfriend is now officially a graduated master of Psychology. Together we collected his diploma and went for a quick coffee afterwards. Nothing too fancy since we've celebrated it many many many times already! This (oven roasted) pumpkin risotto was so comforting and just the best combination of flavours ever. I'll put the recipe online sometime soon for you to enjoy :) We brought a quick visit to Hem to celebrate the birthday of Rick's brother and to visit the exhibition of his mother. And still, not a day passes without us walking for over an hour. Pretty, pretty clouds! Even though Anne's turned 23 this week, she can never be too old for a princess lollipop. So I brought her one when we took our last themepark visit! This must be the best best best cocktail bar in Amsterdam: Hiding in Plain Sight. It feels like a cosy living room and the drinks were really nice :) Perhaps a bit expensive, but a great way to celebrate Anne's birthday. They'll see me again on special occasions!