Week 28


This week I've had the most terrible back aches ever, at it's peak I couldn't do anything besides lying flat on my back for an entire day. Luckily it's starting to feel better again, could be the flu however. Waiting around the corner to knock me down. But it wasn't only pain and misery this week :) I had to have diner by myself and didn't feel like cooking, so I bought some food from Marqt. This lentil and portobello mushroom cassoulet tasted simply amazing. Such rich flavours, mmm! This will probably be my fifth year in row in which I'm trying to break in my Doc Martens. So far they have given me nothing but blood and blisters. But since my normal walking shoes are starting to show (giant) holes in the soles, I've got no choice but to bite my lip and hope I will get through it this year! :) (Will probably give up next week though) We took a visit to the National Maritime Museum, a museum with one of the most confusing layouts everrrrrr. Perhaps they could have given us a compass to navigate, ha. But they did have a lovely museum shop, one of my favourites so far. On sunday we went for a long city stroll and watched the many many participants of the Dam to Dam run pass by on the roof of the NEMO museum. This colourful plate did cheer me up a bit from my back aches. Sweet potatoes are soooo yummy :) Over six months ago I submitted a few photos on the Vedett website. Supposedly they could end up on thousands of bottles! This week my boyfriend ran into his own picture, which is like finding a needle in a haystack!