Week 26


Week 26, an homage to the best festival in the Netherlands: Into the Great Wide Open. It was my second visit to this amazing festival. We enjoyed five days of sunshine, music and relaxation on Vlieland. I wish I could start somewhere to describe the awesomeness of the festival, but words fall short. It's nothing like other musical festivals you'll ever visit. There are performances on the beach, in the forest or even near cranberry fields. There is such a great balance between the island vibe and the artist that get to play in front of such a dedicated audience. I could go on forever, but perhaps it's the best thing to experience it yourself if you get the chance :)

Between performances we enjoyed the beach, or the many food stands on the main area. I've met some lovely people and got to watch special intimate performances. But really, the festival is all about enjoying everything around you. Hearing the waves crashing to the shore or seeing the wind blow through the dune grass.

I've put some of my festival pictures together in a set on my Flickr page, feel free to check it out :)
And my musical highlights? Adrian Younge (YouTube), Benjamin Francis Leftwich (YouTube), Case Mayfield (Cranberry field concert (you can even spot us)), Gregory Porter (YouTube), James Vincent McMorrow (YouTube).

It always feels so good walking into a clean house filled with food after a long long long journey home. I didn't leave the country but still feel so jetlagged. The sun turned my pale skin golden brown. I'm tired but I've had such a great time. Thank you Into the Great Wide Open, perhaps we'll meet again :)


  1. ohh je foto's zijn fijn <3 ik heb er ook echt zo van genoten, heb zelfs m'n scheiding (in mn haar) verbrand haha :) zulk fijn weer.

    1. Ik ben zo blij dat we niet dit weer hadden vorige week, liever een rood neusje dan continue helemaal nat zijn haha

  2. Ohh, ik sta op je fantastisch mooie blogje.. nu kan ik rustig sterven! ;) Nee, as always: schitterende foto's!

  3. Leuke foto's! Lijkt me ook wel bijzonder, genieten van goede muziek in zo'n omgeving...:)