Week 28


This week I've had the most terrible back aches ever, at it's peak I couldn't do anything besides lying flat on my back for an entire day. Luckily it's starting to feel better again, could be the flu however. Waiting around the corner to knock me down. But it wasn't only pain and misery this week :) I had to have diner by myself and didn't feel like cooking, so I bought some food from Marqt. This lentil and portobello mushroom cassoulet tasted simply amazing. Such rich flavours, mmm! This will probably be my fifth year in row in which I'm trying to break in my Doc Martens. So far they have given me nothing but blood and blisters. But since my normal walking shoes are starting to show (giant) holes in the soles, I've got no choice but to bite my lip and hope I will get through it this year! :) (Will probably give up next week though) We took a visit to the National Maritime Museum, a museum with one of the most confusing layouts everrrrrr. Perhaps they could have given us a compass to navigate, ha. But they did have a lovely museum shop, one of my favourites so far. On sunday we went for a long city stroll and watched the many many participants of the Dam to Dam run pass by on the roof of the NEMO museum. This colourful plate did cheer me up a bit from my back aches. Sweet potatoes are soooo yummy :) Over six months ago I submitted a few photos on the Vedett website. Supposedly they could end up on thousands of bottles! This week my boyfriend ran into his own picture, which is like finding a needle in a haystack!


Week 27


It's the 27th week, which means: I've made it through half of my 365 project! Time for a tiny party, all cats and mice are invited :) At a tiny sunday brunch at T, I stumbled upon this hidden roof terrace filled with used teapots. Isn't it lovely? Two of the greatest things combined: grilled veggies and pasta. Blended together with some goat cheese it made a tasty diner, mmm :) Even though the weather seems to have turned 180 degrees since last week, nature's transition into fall goes rather smooth. In the park you can see a clear distinction between summer green and autumn orange in the plants and trees. Nature may take things slowly, I'm well prepared to fight the cold with my favourite knitted scarf from COS. It's sooo comfortable, so bring on the cold. Rick brought me the ingredients for some lovely hot cocoa with marshmallows. Yes, I'm ready to start cocooning myself into fall. This weekend I shared my stuffed butternut squash recipe with you guys, have you tried it out yet? You can find the recipe here.


Recipe: Stuffed butternut squash

Lately I've been getting so many requests for a recipe of my stuffed butternut squash dish, so I decided to write it down for all of you to enjoy! It's such a lovely warming dish, filled with flavours. Just simply mouth watering!

This recipe is enough for two servings.


1 butternut squash
1 bell pepper
1 zucchini
Fresh goat cheese (about 100gr)
Parmesan cheese (about 10/20gr)
A small handful of pine nuts
1 tbsp dried rosemary
1 tbsp dried thyme
1 tbsp dried oregano
Some salt/ground pepper
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar

Preheat the oven to 220 degrees celcius.

Start of by finely slicing the bell pepper and zucchini. Be sure you don't slice them too thick, but you can't really do much harm to this dish. Afterwards place the sliced ingredients in an oven dish and sprinkle it with some olive oil/herbs/balsamic vinegar.

If you happen to have it lying around, please feel free to replace the dried herbs with fresh ones!

Chop of the top of the squash. Be sure to leave the bottom intact, this will come in handy later on! :) Slice it in half (a sturdy knife can be a necessity) and scoop out the seeds. Carve the flesh, place it in an oven dish and sprinkle it with some olive oil and herbs.

Place both trays in the preheated oven. It will take about 30/40 minutes until the squash is softened and the vegetables are oven roasted. Really thick squashes can take a bit longer before they turn soft (you can gently stick a knife in it to check it's consistency)

We're getting there! Gently fill the squash with the grilled vegetables, cover it with some lumps of goat cheese and sprinkle it with some parmesan cheese and pine nuts. Place it back into the oven until the cheese turns a bit golden.



Week 26


Week 26, an homage to the best festival in the Netherlands: Into the Great Wide Open. It was my second visit to this amazing festival. We enjoyed five days of sunshine, music and relaxation on Vlieland. I wish I could start somewhere to describe the awesomeness of the festival, but words fall short. It's nothing like other musical festivals you'll ever visit. There are performances on the beach, in the forest or even near cranberry fields. There is such a great balance between the island vibe and the artist that get to play in front of such a dedicated audience. I could go on forever, but perhaps it's the best thing to experience it yourself if you get the chance :)

Between performances we enjoyed the beach, or the many food stands on the main area. I've met some lovely people and got to watch special intimate performances. But really, the festival is all about enjoying everything around you. Hearing the waves crashing to the shore or seeing the wind blow through the dune grass.

I've put some of my festival pictures together in a set on my Flickr page, feel free to check it out :)
And my musical highlights? Adrian Younge (YouTube), Benjamin Francis Leftwich (YouTube), Case Mayfield (Cranberry field concert (you can even spot us)), Gregory Porter (YouTube), James Vincent McMorrow (YouTube).

It always feels so good walking into a clean house filled with food after a long long long journey home. I didn't leave the country but still feel so jetlagged. The sun turned my pale skin golden brown. I'm tired but I've had such a great time. Thank you Into the Great Wide Open, perhaps we'll meet again :)


Week 25


I have to start off with my new best friend in cold winter times, the best coat I've had in years. I love dipping food and eating with my hands. No cutlery, but using only food to enjoy other food. This was an excellent lunch to enjoy dipping. A mint/pea soup and some bread with cilantro/lime hummus. Yummm! Oh boy, I'm such a sucker for packaging. There's a shelf in my kitchen which is dedicated to my lovely finds. Lately brands are starting to go back to basic, packaging-wise, and I can only applaud it. Look at this amazing coffee brand. Simple and yet so strong. Summer is coming to an end, our long walks are starting to get a bit more rainy and a bit more windy. Soon cosy fall really takes over the country, oh well! :) We held a tiny celebration for our 7 3/4 year anniversary and I also had a spontaneous dinner and a movie date with Anne :) I finally saw Intouchables (yes, it took me a while haha) and oh what a lovely movie!
And Sigmund doesn't really agree but the next few days I'll be enjoying the Into the Great Wide Open festival at Vlieland for the second time. I'm really excited since I've been looking forward to this moment since.. well last year?! I'll see you next week!