Week 24


What a relaxed and fun week I've had :) During our visit to an organic goat farm we discovered these piglets. They're only a week old and sooo tiny and cute! My dentist needed to fix some things that went wrong last week so I decided to celebrate the end of my treatment with Amsterdam's (or Holland's even!) finest apple pie from Winkel. Yumm! We saw some great shows, ate some great food and had a great evening at the Parade (a traveling theater festival in the Netherlands). We made another review about it which can be found here :) It always requires some preparation time (or stirring time mainly), but beet risotto is simply amazing. It's great without any extras but I do like to add some rocket for an extra bite. There's a lot of DIY around here lately. We found an old letterpress tray and I want it to become a lovely pink colour. But I really dislike the preparations it always takes, so I put Rick to work! ;) The old dressoir I showed you guys last week is almost finished and isn't it gorgeous? To conclude I wanted to show you the amazing chocolates from Unlimited Delicious. They're my favourites. Especially the rosemary/sea salt version. Absolutely delish :)