Week 22


This week my over the top Asos heels arrived. I shouldn't go for long walks wearing these shoes, but I couldn't resist them since they're covered with hearts. An easy lunch can be enough to put a smile on your face: oven roasted butternut squash, lentil salad and a piece of cheese/cumin breadstick. We took a press visit to the Efteling (yes, again ha!), where I had to take some pictures of their special summer festivities (Review can be found here). It was waaaay to crowded to enjoy the rides (I believe there were queues of over 3 hours and even reaching a restroom took half an hour), but we had a wonderful day just enjoying the sun. With the high temperatures this week, a simple summer lunch: an avocado sandwich, sliced melons and some pineapple/coconut juice. Still somewhat (no, extremely) tired from our theme park visit, we traveled a bit to celebrate the birthday of Rick's mother. Our long walks bring us to all sorts of places, but sometimes just having some coffee to go is the best (and well deserved) break. We also took a visit to the old cemetery 'Huis te vraag' in Amsterdam. The last official funeral took place in 1962 and, as you can see, the ivy took over the place ever since. We were accompanied by a black cat for the best cemetery experience ;)


  1. Ha tof die schoenen! Het eten ziet er lekker uit zeg, en wat een prachtige foto, die laatste! (en ik wil ook zulke lampionnetjes in m'n tuin!)

  2. Je schoentjes zijn superleuk! (+ prachtige foto, die laatste. Wil ik ook wel heen)