Week 24


What a relaxed and fun week I've had :) During our visit to an organic goat farm we discovered these piglets. They're only a week old and sooo tiny and cute! My dentist needed to fix some things that went wrong last week so I decided to celebrate the end of my treatment with Amsterdam's (or Holland's even!) finest apple pie from Winkel. Yumm! We saw some great shows, ate some great food and had a great evening at the Parade (a traveling theater festival in the Netherlands). We made another review about it which can be found here :) It always requires some preparation time (or stirring time mainly), but beet risotto is simply amazing. It's great without any extras but I do like to add some rocket for an extra bite. There's a lot of DIY around here lately. We found an old letterpress tray and I want it to become a lovely pink colour. But I really dislike the preparations it always takes, so I put Rick to work! ;) The old dressoir I showed you guys last week is almost finished and isn't it gorgeous? To conclude I wanted to show you the amazing chocolates from Unlimited Delicious. They're my favourites. Especially the rosemary/sea salt version. Absolutely delish :)


Week 23


This week I started off with a very tasty lunch at 'T'. A tiny but cute lunchroom :) I ordered a goatcheese and pumpkin sandwich and some ginger/lemon/honey tea. But to be honest: I wanted to try out all of their vegetarian sandwiches! We took a visit to the large, yearly, funfair in the citycenter of Hoorn. Nowadays watching the people at the funfair is even more entertaining than the fair itself! And oh boy, the weather was extremely hot this weekend. I couldn't get anything done besides just taking it very very slow and easy. The weather's a bit cooler now, so I've started painting an old dressoir that's been in my family for many generations. Since it's old and a bit worn down it's time to give it a new life! It's going to be 'paris grey'. Can't wait for it to be finished! A 365 for better or worse right? At the dentist I needed dental anesthesia that was probably strong enough to knock down a horse. Charming. It took over six hours before my puffy cheeks (and the annoying numb feeling) finally went away. My jaws are still a bit sore from my dentist appointment, so I still to avoid food I have to chew a bit. The perfect excuse for homemade pumpkin soup. I like mine really, really thick, hmm! I started this week off with a hot version of the ginger/lemon/honey tea and by the end of this week I've discovered the perfect balance to create it into an refreshing ice tea. It's so delicious!


Week 22


This week my over the top Asos heels arrived. I shouldn't go for long walks wearing these shoes, but I couldn't resist them since they're covered with hearts. An easy lunch can be enough to put a smile on your face: oven roasted butternut squash, lentil salad and a piece of cheese/cumin breadstick. We took a press visit to the Efteling (yes, again ha!), where I had to take some pictures of their special summer festivities (Review can be found here). It was waaaay to crowded to enjoy the rides (I believe there were queues of over 3 hours and even reaching a restroom took half an hour), but we had a wonderful day just enjoying the sun. With the high temperatures this week, a simple summer lunch: an avocado sandwich, sliced melons and some pineapple/coconut juice. Still somewhat (no, extremely) tired from our theme park visit, we traveled a bit to celebrate the birthday of Rick's mother. Our long walks bring us to all sorts of places, but sometimes just having some coffee to go is the best (and well deserved) break. We also took a visit to the old cemetery 'Huis te vraag' in Amsterdam. The last official funeral took place in 1962 and, as you can see, the ivy took over the place ever since. We were accompanied by a black cat for the best cemetery experience ;)


Week 21


Suddenly out of nowhere these weird looking peaches started showing up in stores and I couldn't resist the urge to try them. But yum, do these taste lovely! This week we took a visit to a huge flea-market across the canal in the pouring (pouring pouring pouring!) rain. I found some stuff I could use in my secret project, but other than that it was mainly (soaked) crap. At the end of last exhibition, the owner of the gallery asked me if she could use my work for another exhibition in august. At the launch this thursday I already heard really nice comments about my work! You should check it out if you happen to be visiting Utrecht. And just like past years we watched the canal parade go by. It was incredibly crowded and of course, very pink! I had such a fun night last monday, together with my boyfriend and Marcel. We started off drinking Texels beer and ended up shooting pool at an Amsterdam tourist trap. One of my favourite dishes: stuffed butternut squash (with grilled bell peppers, zucchini, garlic, goat cheese and parmesan cheese) together with some quinoa. This tastes soooo good. I'm in need of a lot of old looking frames for my project, and somehow I have this feeling I will end up with tons of cross-stitched paintings. Does anyone have a clever idea on how to reuse them?


Week 20


Last week the city heat was reaching our cold bunker we call home and I really didn't like it. But fortunately the rain chased away the heat for a few days. I've started reading "The book of lost things" a few times before, but always got distracted by.. well.. anything but the book. Time to give it another shot! I love love love fruit. And since it's the perfect season for all kinds of fresh fruits, I enjoyed a bowl filled with pear, grapefruit and nectarine. I could easily eat this every day! We went for a lot of long walks these past few days, a great way to browse through the city. We aim for at least an hour every day, which takes us to so many pretty places. The sale of my parental home is getting closer and closer, so it was time to clear out some things of the past. Can't say it is easy letting go. But I'm so happy to have these two men around me every single day :) Have you tried out the softserve recipe already?