Week 19


Summer is finally here, so time for a quick salad with grilled beets and red peppers, together with some feta cheese, seeds and balsamic vinaigrette. Hmmm. Today we escaped the scorching Amsterdam heat and took a visit to the Amsterdam woods. We walked for over 20kms, cuddled with goats and let our feet rest in the cold water. Who knew this kind of oasis existed only a 20min bike ride from our doorstep! Sophie is staying in America for a few weeks so we had a tiny goodbye breakfast at the Bakkerswinkel. Glen Hansard gave an amazing in-store show at the Concerto record store in Amsterdam. I really like in-store shows, they always feel so special and intimate. Giving the artist the chance to communicate directly with the audience. The store quickly became a sauna but I had a really nice time (you can find my pictures are featured on the Festivalinfo website once again :) ) If you ask me, it's never too hot to enjoy a bowl of soup! One of the best canned soups: the organic spicy lentil soup from Suma. Together with some cheese and cumin breadsticks it made a lovely and filling lunch. My boyfriend and I took another press visit to the Artis ZOOmeravond (Review can be found here). The Dutch band Houses performed near the flamingos. We had some time to stroll through the park, eating pizza and watching the animals. My new favourite treat: frozen white grapes. It's hard to describe its awesomeness but the grapes transform into little frozen treats if you put them into the freezer for a few hours. Solid and still somewhat jelly-like :) Yum, you should try it out!


  1. bevroren druiven, ik ga het eens een x proberen

  2. ohhhh die wolf <3 en je eten ziet er lekker uit! die ZOOmeravonden lijken me vet fijn :)

    1. Ja het is heel leuk om in de avond door de dierentuin te lopen. De apen lagen lekker te slapen en de vliegende honden vlogen gezellig rond, heeft het meteen een hele andere sfeer :)