Week 17


Marcel's new kittens are having a sleepover at Nikki's place and they're soooooo cute! I wish my cat was still as tiny as these little fuzzy creatures! A lot of dinner parties these last few weeks, my new favourite recipe: a spinach and goat cheese 'pie'. So incredible easy to make and filled with flavours. Every year I visit the Dutch theme park De Efteling together with my parents and boyfriend. I believe I've visited it over 25 times already, but I still really like it! A lot of people showed up for the opening of our group exhibition in Utrecht. I also heard some nice comments about my work. For more information concerning the exhibition check out their website.To celebrate my third exhibition I received this tiny porcelain box from my parents. Isn't it lovely? A few days ago my friend Sara showed me her recipe of a chocolate lava cake (You can find it on her blog). It looked amazing so I had to try it out; and it was a huge hit! So incredible easy to make and sooo yummy. I really have to resist the urge to turn this into a daily treat. And yes, the past few weeks have been filled with social events and meetings. But sometimes you just need some alone time, so I'm turning myself into a hermit for a few days.


  1. Heerlijke foto's weer! Fijn sfeertje altijd :)
    En jaaaa de trollenkoning! :D

  2. ahh dat toetje ziet er echt lekker uit! en zo'n spinazietaart heb ik ook al een paar keer gemaakt, heeerlijk inderdaad.

  3. Dat katje, die chocolade lava cake (NJUM!) en dat kleine boxje <3

  4. Mmm, die spinazie/geitenkaastaart lijkt me heerlijk!