Recipe: Quesadillas


I really enjoy cooking and therefore more and more cooking is showing up in my 365 project. Lately I've been thinking it's a shame, not sharing my favourite recipes with you. So here it is: the start of a new project. Today I will show you my favourite quesadilla recipe! It's an adapation of Yotam Ottolenghi's recipe.

This recipe will feed 2/3 people, depending on how hungry you and your guest are.


6 small tortillas
Sour cream
Grated cheese

For the black bean paste
400g cooked black beans
1 tbs ground coriander seeds
1/2 tbs ground cumin seeds
1/4 tbs ground cayenne pepper
A few sprigs of coriander (about 10gr)
Juice of 1 lime
1 garlic clove
Some drained jalepenos (optional)
Some salt

For the salsa
1/2 red onion
1 or 2 dsp white wine vinegar
3 spring onions
2 sweet potatoes
1 garlic clove
A few sprigs of coriander (about 10gr or whatever's left)
Juice of 1 lime
1 avocado
Some salt

Finely chop the sweet potatoes and put them, coated in some olive oil and salt, in the oven to roast (at 200c it will take about 20 minutes) while you prepare the rest of the salsa.
Slice the red onion and sprinkle the onion rings with some white wine vinegar. Let it soak for a while, the onion will soften a bit. Finely chop the other ingredients for the salsa and put them in a bowl. Once the sweet potatoes are nice and soft, add them to the salsa together with the drained red onions.

To make the black bean paste (which is, really really, amazing) you simple blend all ingredients together into a nice paste.

I prefer to grill my tortillas a bit before filling them. But you can skip this step if you want to.

Once all ingredients are ready to go you can simply assemble the quesadillas. Put a layer of black bean paste on top of the tortilla, add some sour cream, salsa and top it off with some grated cheese. Fold the tortilla and bake for about 2-3 minutes on a hot grill pan (a barbecue should also work). The quesadillas should be warm on the inside.



  1. Getver! (en met getver bedoel ik; dat ziet er lekker uit! ga ik ook eens proberen!)

  2. Eigenlijk is dit een tostada! Alleen doe je het dan op een soort van platte taco. Als je hier een quasedilla van wil maken moet er vèèl meer kaas tussen (quase = kaas). Maar, het is wel echt superlekker!

    1. Hmn, niet over nagedacht! Lijkt inderdaad meer op een dubbelgeklapte tostada :)