Recipe: Cocao softserve


This is a quick and easy recipe to make an amazing simple treat. The texture will end up being somewhere between a milkshake and frozen yoghurt. You can add and change the ingredients a bit to make your own perfect recipe. More coconut? Or perhaps even some raspberries? Have a go at it!

This recipe is enough for one serving (or two smaller servings).


A small cup of (soy/rice)milk
1 big frozen banana
2 tbs cocao powder
1 1/2 tbs grated coconut

Bananas gone bad? Just slice them up and put them into your freezer. I always have some bags of frozen banana slices hidden in my freezer as they make the perfect ingredient to whip up some quick softserves and smoothies.

Let's start! Just put all the ingredients in a food processor or blender and process it until you've got a smooth structure without any banana chunks. If it's still a bit runny add some more banana. Pour into a glass, sprinkle with some grated coconut and that's it! Well that was easy, wasn't it?



Week 19


Summer is finally here, so time for a quick salad with grilled beets and red peppers, together with some feta cheese, seeds and balsamic vinaigrette. Hmmm. Today we escaped the scorching Amsterdam heat and took a visit to the Amsterdam woods. We walked for over 20kms, cuddled with goats and let our feet rest in the cold water. Who knew this kind of oasis existed only a 20min bike ride from our doorstep! Sophie is staying in America for a few weeks so we had a tiny goodbye breakfast at the Bakkerswinkel. Glen Hansard gave an amazing in-store show at the Concerto record store in Amsterdam. I really like in-store shows, they always feel so special and intimate. Giving the artist the chance to communicate directly with the audience. The store quickly became a sauna but I had a really nice time (you can find my pictures are featured on the Festivalinfo website once again :) ) If you ask me, it's never too hot to enjoy a bowl of soup! One of the best canned soups: the organic spicy lentil soup from Suma. Together with some cheese and cumin breadsticks it made a lovely and filling lunch. My boyfriend and I took another press visit to the Artis ZOOmeravond (Review can be found here). The Dutch band Houses performed near the flamingos. We had some time to stroll through the park, eating pizza and watching the animals. My new favourite treat: frozen white grapes. It's hard to describe its awesomeness but the grapes transform into little frozen treats if you put them into the freezer for a few hours. Solid and still somewhat jelly-like :) Yum, you should try it out!


Week 18


This week I felt a bit ill, but after a day on your couch eating soup, drinking tea and watching lots of True Blood episodes I felt a bit better already. I also tried chasing away mister flu with spicy vegetables with panir. On rainy days like these you need something to warm you up. A lot of test shooting for my new secret project. I'm still not satisfied with all the elements involved, but it keeps on getting better and better! I decided to start adding some recipes to my blog. Have you checked it out yet? (Recipe here). More recipes will follow! My boyfriend got me this awesome porcelain cockatoo from Pols Potten. It's a bit over the top, which makes it even more awesome. After weeks/months of being a semi-chestnutt-brunette my red hair is back. I really missed having red hair, let's rock the red curls again! And the best news: we're happy to inform you that we've decided to add a pool to our garden. It works really well with these Dutch summers.


Recipe: Quesadillas


I really enjoy cooking and therefore more and more cooking is showing up in my 365 project. Lately I've been thinking it's a shame, not sharing my favourite recipes with you. So here it is: the start of a new project. Today I will show you my favourite quesadilla recipe! It's an adapation of Yotam Ottolenghi's recipe.

This recipe will feed 2/3 people, depending on how hungry you and your guest are.


6 small tortillas
Sour cream
Grated cheese

For the black bean paste
400g cooked black beans
1 tbs ground coriander seeds
1/2 tbs ground cumin seeds
1/4 tbs ground cayenne pepper
A few sprigs of coriander (about 10gr)
Juice of 1 lime
1 garlic clove
Some drained jalepenos (optional)
Some salt

For the salsa
1/2 red onion
1 or 2 dsp white wine vinegar
3 spring onions
2 sweet potatoes
1 garlic clove
A few sprigs of coriander (about 10gr or whatever's left)
Juice of 1 lime
1 avocado
Some salt

Finely chop the sweet potatoes and put them, coated in some olive oil and salt, in the oven to roast (at 200c it will take about 20 minutes) while you prepare the rest of the salsa.
Slice the red onion and sprinkle the onion rings with some white wine vinegar. Let it soak for a while, the onion will soften a bit. Finely chop the other ingredients for the salsa and put them in a bowl. Once the sweet potatoes are nice and soft, add them to the salsa together with the drained red onions.

To make the black bean paste (which is, really really, amazing) you simple blend all ingredients together into a nice paste.

I prefer to grill my tortillas a bit before filling them. But you can skip this step if you want to.

Once all ingredients are ready to go you can simply assemble the quesadillas. Put a layer of black bean paste on top of the tortilla, add some sour cream, salsa and top it off with some grated cheese. Fold the tortilla and bake for about 2-3 minutes on a hot grill pan (a barbecue should also work). The quesadillas should be warm on the inside.



Week 17


Marcel's new kittens are having a sleepover at Nikki's place and they're soooooo cute! I wish my cat was still as tiny as these little fuzzy creatures! A lot of dinner parties these last few weeks, my new favourite recipe: a spinach and goat cheese 'pie'. So incredible easy to make and filled with flavours. Every year I visit the Dutch theme park De Efteling together with my parents and boyfriend. I believe I've visited it over 25 times already, but I still really like it! A lot of people showed up for the opening of our group exhibition in Utrecht. I also heard some nice comments about my work. For more information concerning the exhibition check out their website.To celebrate my third exhibition I received this tiny porcelain box from my parents. Isn't it lovely? A few days ago my friend Sara showed me her recipe of a chocolate lava cake (You can find it on her blog). It looked amazing so I had to try it out; and it was a huge hit! So incredible easy to make and sooo yummy. I really have to resist the urge to turn this into a daily treat. And yes, the past few weeks have been filled with social events and meetings. But sometimes you just need some alone time, so I'm turning myself into a hermit for a few days.


Week 16


Busy times, like these few weeks, makes me appreciate all the (small) things life brings you. Enjoying a breakfast of some apple/cinnamon and chocolate scones. Together with raspberry marmalade and a berry smoothie it made an amazing treat! I love running into curiosities in tiny shop. We found these flowers in formaldehyde. There were orchids and fritillary, but unfortunately they were a bit too expensive. I feel lucky and humble to have gathered so many lovely people around me. This week I could combine a few things I love into one: Wagamama and spending time with my best friend. And even the sun has been making a bit of effort to create some warmth this week. Yesterday we did some preparations for the exhibition in Utrecht starting this thursday (Check out the poster for more information). I really like the decorated table ware by Rosanne Groeneweg. Little Zeccas turned 2 last week and his mother asked me to take some pictures of his birthday party. Browsing through all the photos I've shot, I can only conclude that little Zeccas had an amazing birthday :)