Week 15


It's summertime, and this week I was sitting here in my comfiest sweater, drinking tea and watching the stormy weather. Seriously? I've hit the 100th photo mark, a nice moment to share my favourite guilty pleasure food: plain pasta with ketchup (and some herb salt). No fancy sauces or veggies, well okay, some sparkly wine with cherries because it's worth a tiny celebration :) The past weeks have been very emotional and the next few weeks are going the be really busy. Spending some time on the couch and recharging a bit is really the best thing you can do. I've read this book (Het geheim van de afgebeten vingers) tons of times in primary school and therefore searched through many bookstores the last few years because I just needed to have it. It's a Dutch children's book about bocca della verità. Children's books with lots of skulls and bones, gotta love it! Another thing to love and to hold tight, forget about Ben & Jerry's: Frozen Dutch icecream is most definitely the best organic (!!) ice cream available in stores. Can't wait to try their carrot/ginger and rhubarb/ginger ice cream! This week I decided to add a bit of colour to my (almost all) black wardrobe. I also brought a little visit to the cutest little store in Amsterdam Het Grote Avontuur. I wish I could buy the entire store, including the property, to make it my little home.


  1. ah ja, geweldige winkel is dat. en dat ijs! wil ik!

    1. Ja! Ja! Het ijs komt gelukkig op steeds meer plekken en ze hebben steeds nieuwe smaakjes (volgens mij zag ik in de winter ook stoofpeertjes ijs staan) (:

  2. and you had lunch with 2 of your coolest ex colleagues :)

  3. yess, nu lukt het wel :). Mooie blog, vooral je foto's!

  4. Sometimes the most simple dishes are the best <3