Week 14


When I started this project I knew I was going to be confronted with not only happiness, but also with sadness. This saturday we had the funeral of Rick's grandfather. In times of sadness, eating "good" comfort food can help so much. Like for example this lunch: fresh orange juice, a Pom-Pie pie with lentils, together with a lentil and goat cheese salad and some lovely bread from BROOD. That and unlimited cuddles from the sweetest cat ever. Many many years ago I got this Miles Davis record on cd from a friend. Times change, the friend is still around and is upgraded to best friend and I'm slowly building an awesome vinyl collection. I finally found this record on vinyl and immediately bought it. It's the best music for a sunday afternoon, or a rainy afternoon, or just any day (: It keeps on amazing me how you can just throw a bunch of veggies in a oven dish and end up with amazing flavours. The best place to spent lazy summer evenings is the Vondeltheater. In the summertime you can watch artists and comedians for free every weekend. Every once in a while me and my friends (all (former) Tuschinski employees) enjoy a themed dinner date on which each of us prepares a course. This week we had a Mexican/tropical party which loads of bright coloured drinks (:


  1. Leuk zeg die thema eet avondjes :) vet mooie kleuren. Al jouw eten ziet er ook altijd zo lekker uit! En wat vervelend van de begrafenis :( gelukkig kun je met je kat kroelen!

    1. Ja heel gezellig ook :) We leren steeds wat nieuwe receptjes van elkaar zo haha.
      Katjes zijn het beste om te troosten (: