Week 13


Week 13, the unlucky number, well it sure has been a week filled with some of the highest ups and the lowest downs. Today is my dear friend Marcel's birthday. We celebrated it last sunday in Hannekes Boom. It was a wonderful day filled with a lot of sun, a lot of white beers and jelly beans. Happy birthday Marcel :). This week I had my first attempt of making strangolapreti (literally Priest Choker) and it turned out rather well. It's great soul food. Spinvis performed at the Artis ZOOmeravond (our review) which was a truly lovely evening! My boyfriend really likes eh.. well.. somewhat morbid books (and no, not the Twilight ones). We bumped into this beautiful version of Dracula. It just looks amazing doesn't it? Every time there's a football championship the whole neighborhood suffers from some sort of orange fever. Flags and other orange crap (no, I'm not a football fan) everywhere. The minute the Dutch team loses however, all decorations are being taken down right away. We'll see how tonight's match turns out ;) A new discovery of mine: goat cheese, pear, thyme and honey toast from Toasty. It's pretty awesome! The last few days have been filled with a lot of sad news. Sometimes the best thing to do is to escape for a little while by playing The Sims (and making them drown).


  1. Weer heel mooi Femke! Het Dracula boek en die laatste van jou achter de computer vooral! :)