Week 9


We spent a few days at Texel this week. Where we enjoyed the beach near the lighthouse and walked for hours through the Slufter. We've had some really nice weather, so we could enjoy the island to the fullest. Me and my boyfriend really love Texel, so it was a weekend well spent. Even though I really love the island, I do need to compensate the island food afterwards(Texel beer, mmm). A lunch packed with vitamins to even out the beers. While walking through de Slufter we found lots of seagull bones. This here is a little vertebra and some bones that once belonged to its wings, I guess? My mother always watches our house and cat when we're out of town for a few days. The house is always covered in flowers afterwards, home sweet home :) And I actually did a little dance when I ran into this baby. It's been years (I believe 12+) since it's been discontinued and I kept on hoping for it to return. Oh Vanilla Coke, how lovely you are.

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