Week 8


Time for a tiny celebration, this week I took the 50th picture of this project. More celebration: fastfood as it should be, filled with natural ingredients and without all the crap they put into food nowadays. Let me present to you: Tomatillo. The best tex-mex place I've ran into yet. It's fresh, it's mostly organic and it's absolutely delicious. It was a week filled with cultural activities. We spent an afternoon at Naturalis. I really like this museum, Rick of course likes the dinosaur part the most. I just love lunch, for example this lunchtime favourite: orange juice, soy milk latte, bagel with cream cheese/avocado/rocket lettuce. We usually end up at really crappy seats in this tiny theater but this week we had great seats in the middle of the first balcony to enjoy Theo Maassen. We also visited the Open Air museum in Arnhem and afterwards we went nextdoors to Burgers' Zoo. A lovely sunny day filled with a lot (A LOT) of walking. Busy weeks need a lazy afternoon to keep things in balance.

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  1. leuuk, vooral die eerste foto hihi. en die 'fastfood' ziet er lekker uit!!