Week 7


Sometimes it's okay to enjoy a wonderful relaxed morning. Just a bit of reading, a big cup of tea and some Brett Dennen music before starting the rest of the day. Stepping into our backyard always feels like a bit of a hidden oasis in Amsterdam. There are no sounds of trams or cars, no children screaming, no loud music. Just the sounds of the wind blowing through the leaves and the occasional bird (we actually have a lot of them!). And since the sun is finally coming out a little it's the perfect time for some lunch in the garden. This is my favourite 5 minutes meal. Just stir fry some garlic, tofu, broccoli and butter beans together. Season with salt/peper and some lemon juice and enjoy it. This monday it was Queen's day. The excuse for the entire Dutch nation to dress in screamingly bright orange clothes... Well everyone except for me... I strolled around through the park with some friends and enjoyed the sunny weather. And another quick and easy meal: simplicity at its finest! Grilled asparagus with feta cheese, lemon zest + juice and salt/pepper. Ohhh I wish I could have another plate! Kristie and I had some spare time on our hands and helped with filing a huge amount of questionnaires in for another friend, Anne. The people who know me a little, know that I'm a huge fan of dresses and skirts. And calling myself a huge fan is probably still an understatement. Recently I've developed this 'thing' for shorts however. I really detest wearing pants, but with shorts I can at least pretend I'm still wearing a skirt.

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