Week 11


What better way to end a sunny day than to enjoy some pizza and rose beers in the park. We're very lucky to have an amazing pizza place around the corner called De Pizzabakkers. My favourite is the 'spinaci' pizza. It's made with tomato, mozzarella, spinach, red balsamic onion, pine nuts and goat cheese. It's absolutely perfect! And yes, we spent whitsunday on Texel. Again? Yes. Since the weather was still really nice we decided to take the early train and spent the day at Texel. Well the SPF50 worked its magic on Texel, however it's easy to miss some spots.. Which left me a nice white handprint on the back of my shoulders, oops. The week started of terrible, I got hit by some sort of food poisoning. I spent the entire day in zombie mode, trying to sleep my way through it. I did recover very quickly so we went to visit my parents and celebrate my mother's birthday. And as always, there was a lot of delicious food available for us :) Oh COS, my guilty pleasure. I found this mock shirt and teardrop shaped ring. I love the simplicity of COS clothing, I want to have more more more! And since the sun has left for a short break it's time to let our sunburned skin heal and start eating warm lunches again.

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