Week 10


Finally, no more terribly cold springtime with too much rain. The sun is here to warm up the city! This means I'm spending most of my time in the Vondelpark. On ascension day Rick's got the day off. So we slept in and afterwards we went for a big walk. We spoiled ourselves with some Maoz falafel in the city center. I could eat this every week, the more garlic sauce the better! I love how I can sit in my garden, wearing a summer dress and watching my towels dry in the soft (almost) summer breeze. Sometimes you're just in need of some catching up, accompanied by beers :) And even though the sun shines so brightly this week, sometimes the best thing you can do is to enjoy a relaxed saturday with lots of cuddles. It took a while but Erwin Olaf's new book "Own" is finally in stores and once again it's a masterpiece. I've got a deep respect for Erwin Olaf. Not only because of his great photographs; but his whole being leaves me feeling nothing but respect and admiration. Today is my mother's birthday, happy birthday Cora! The gifts are ready for you! :)

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