Week 11


What better way to end a sunny day than to enjoy some pizza and rose beers in the park. We're very lucky to have an amazing pizza place around the corner called De Pizzabakkers. My favourite is the 'spinaci' pizza. It's made with tomato, mozzarella, spinach, red balsamic onion, pine nuts and goat cheese. It's absolutely perfect! And yes, we spent whitsunday on Texel. Again? Yes. Since the weather was still really nice we decided to take the early train and spent the day at Texel. Well the SPF50 worked its magic on Texel, however it's easy to miss some spots.. Which left me a nice white handprint on the back of my shoulders, oops. The week started of terrible, I got hit by some sort of food poisoning. I spent the entire day in zombie mode, trying to sleep my way through it. I did recover very quickly so we went to visit my parents and celebrate my mother's birthday. And as always, there was a lot of delicious food available for us :) Oh COS, my guilty pleasure. I found this mock shirt and teardrop shaped ring. I love the simplicity of COS clothing, I want to have more more more! And since the sun has left for a short break it's time to let our sunburned skin heal and start eating warm lunches again.


Week 10


Finally, no more terribly cold springtime with too much rain. The sun is here to warm up the city! This means I'm spending most of my time in the Vondelpark. On ascension day Rick's got the day off. So we slept in and afterwards we went for a big walk. We spoiled ourselves with some Maoz falafel in the city center. I could eat this every week, the more garlic sauce the better! I love how I can sit in my garden, wearing a summer dress and watching my towels dry in the soft (almost) summer breeze. Sometimes you're just in need of some catching up, accompanied by beers :) And even though the sun shines so brightly this week, sometimes the best thing you can do is to enjoy a relaxed saturday with lots of cuddles. It took a while but Erwin Olaf's new book "Own" is finally in stores and once again it's a masterpiece. I've got a deep respect for Erwin Olaf. Not only because of his great photographs; but his whole being leaves me feeling nothing but respect and admiration. Today is my mother's birthday, happy birthday Cora! The gifts are ready for you! :)


Week 9


We spent a few days at Texel this week. Where we enjoyed the beach near the lighthouse and walked for hours through the Slufter. We've had some really nice weather, so we could enjoy the island to the fullest. Me and my boyfriend really love Texel, so it was a weekend well spent. Even though I really love the island, I do need to compensate the island food afterwards(Texel beer, mmm). A lunch packed with vitamins to even out the beers. While walking through de Slufter we found lots of seagull bones. This here is a little vertebra and some bones that once belonged to its wings, I guess? My mother always watches our house and cat when we're out of town for a few days. The house is always covered in flowers afterwards, home sweet home :) And I actually did a little dance when I ran into this baby. It's been years (I believe 12+) since it's been discontinued and I kept on hoping for it to return. Oh Vanilla Coke, how lovely you are.


Week 8


Time for a tiny celebration, this week I took the 50th picture of this project. More celebration: fastfood as it should be, filled with natural ingredients and without all the crap they put into food nowadays. Let me present to you: Tomatillo. The best tex-mex place I've ran into yet. It's fresh, it's mostly organic and it's absolutely delicious. It was a week filled with cultural activities. We spent an afternoon at Naturalis. I really like this museum, Rick of course likes the dinosaur part the most. I just love lunch, for example this lunchtime favourite: orange juice, soy milk latte, bagel with cream cheese/avocado/rocket lettuce. We usually end up at really crappy seats in this tiny theater but this week we had great seats in the middle of the first balcony to enjoy Theo Maassen. We also visited the Open Air museum in Arnhem and afterwards we went nextdoors to Burgers' Zoo. A lovely sunny day filled with a lot (A LOT) of walking. Busy weeks need a lazy afternoon to keep things in balance.


Week 7


Sometimes it's okay to enjoy a wonderful relaxed morning. Just a bit of reading, a big cup of tea and some Brett Dennen music before starting the rest of the day. Stepping into our backyard always feels like a bit of a hidden oasis in Amsterdam. There are no sounds of trams or cars, no children screaming, no loud music. Just the sounds of the wind blowing through the leaves and the occasional bird (we actually have a lot of them!). And since the sun is finally coming out a little it's the perfect time for some lunch in the garden. This is my favourite 5 minutes meal. Just stir fry some garlic, tofu, broccoli and butter beans together. Season with salt/peper and some lemon juice and enjoy it. This monday it was Queen's day. The excuse for the entire Dutch nation to dress in screamingly bright orange clothes... Well everyone except for me... I strolled around through the park with some friends and enjoyed the sunny weather. And another quick and easy meal: simplicity at its finest! Grilled asparagus with feta cheese, lemon zest + juice and salt/pepper. Ohhh I wish I could have another plate! Kristie and I had some spare time on our hands and helped with filing a huge amount of questionnaires in for another friend, Anne. The people who know me a little, know that I'm a huge fan of dresses and skirts. And calling myself a huge fan is probably still an understatement. Recently I've developed this 'thing' for shorts however. I really detest wearing pants, but with shorts I can at least pretend I'm still wearing a skirt.