Week 6


On a rainy afternoon I got my ass whipped with settlers of Catan, as always. And I have to admit, I'm a huge sucker for bowls and mugs. Wherever I go, I must resist the urge to buy more more more more. I walked into these lovely bowls and couldn't take my eyes off them. They also have a pretty printed inlay on the inside. Another pretty item I found at the stores this week: this wallet from Huisteil, I love it! Some friends and I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair. I had to take pictues for Festivalinfo and my boyfriend wrote a review. It started off with a lot of rain, so pretty quick we were covered in mud. The day, however, ended rather sunny. It was a nice experience, especially the mead beer! Due to a lot of walking I woke up with a lot of muscle pain so I decided it was time for some quality time with just me, a huge sweater, my laptop and a lot of Mad Men episodes. This week I also made the most awesome vegan sushi/springrolls. And some more good news: operation mouse hunt ended quite succesfull. It took some time, but today our little mouse friend couldn't resist the salt and pepper potato chips anymore. I took him for a walk to the park and set him free. After some hesitation he jumped into freedom.

To read the Elf Fantasy Fair review and see the pictures: here!


  1. ahh die sushi en springrolls zien er echt goddelijk uit! en wat cute dat muisje <3 goed dat je 'm gevangen hebt

  2. die kommetjes zijn zéer leuk! maar ik heb dan ook een enorme zwak voor kommetjes.

    1. Je kunt nooit genoeg kommetjes hebben ;)