Week 4


After cutting my split ends, I keep on wishing for my hair to grow back faaaast. It's a bit longer than shoulder length at the moment but it feels awkward and inbetween. When I was still living with my parents our easter breakfasts weren't complete without these easter buns from the local bakery and a butter lamb. My mother gave us a few to enjoy by ourselves. This week, I saw a little boy with a white fluffy pom-pom as a tail (the cutest easterbunny ever) walking across this log. Okay, Rick isn't a little boy (neither does he own or wear a pom-pom tail) but I can't deny him the opportunity of a some log walking fun. We spent Easter day at my aunt's house in Enkhuizen with the entire family for an Easter brunch. Well, with 11 people in total, it's a rather small family. Whenever I'm having a bad day (and since I'm still a bit ill, having a bad day is an understatement this week) I like to treat myself to some food from Marqt. The weather is very unpredictable lately. It can change from nice and sunny to grey and rainy in.. well what seems like a few seconds. Dying my hair always results in a messy bathroom which looks as if an episode of Dexter has been recorded there. Having red hair is a bitch to maintain, even after all those years. But it's worth the effort.