Week 3


Dear Sigmund deserves his 5 seconds of fame. He always does this trick to lure me into giving him some cat sweets. Together with some friends, I went to the Kakkmaddafakka concert. Which was crazy. Apart from the occasional bruise (due to the pit) I've had an amazing time. I'm not a big breakfast kind of girl to be quite honest. But in a local store I ran into some muesli from MyMuesli (berry delicious), which was quite nice. Slowly but surely, spring is also starting to kick in at my parents' garden. It will end up being very green in just a few weeks. And it's about time for the winter grayness to be gone. As a birthday present I went to visit a friend of my mother, who has lots of little lambs at the moment. I cuddled them for hours and even got the chance to feed a couple of them with a bottle. Almost 7,5 years ago my (now) boyfriend gave me this necklace. It became the starting point of our relationship. Even after all those years I still love him to pieces and I'm so glad I can wake up next to him every day. Currently I'm feeling a bit ill, feels like the start of pharyngitis. So yesterday I decided to stay in bed to entire day. I watched some series and drank lots of tea and homemade sorbet ice-cream.


  1. Ik vind het zó fijn om weer regelmatig foto's van je te zien! Je bent echt zo goed. En Sigmund is ook nogal goed.

    1. Lief, dankjewel :) Sigmund is echt een held!

  2. ik wil heel snel met sigmund knuffelen! ♥