Week 6


On a rainy afternoon I got my ass whipped with settlers of Catan, as always. And I have to admit, I'm a huge sucker for bowls and mugs. Wherever I go, I must resist the urge to buy more more more more. I walked into these lovely bowls and couldn't take my eyes off them. They also have a pretty printed inlay on the inside. Another pretty item I found at the stores this week: this wallet from Huisteil, I love it! Some friends and I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair. I had to take pictues for Festivalinfo and my boyfriend wrote a review. It started off with a lot of rain, so pretty quick we were covered in mud. The day, however, ended rather sunny. It was a nice experience, especially the mead beer! Due to a lot of walking I woke up with a lot of muscle pain so I decided it was time for some quality time with just me, a huge sweater, my laptop and a lot of Mad Men episodes. This week I also made the most awesome vegan sushi/springrolls. And some more good news: operation mouse hunt ended quite succesfull. It took some time, but today our little mouse friend couldn't resist the salt and pepper potato chips anymore. I took him for a walk to the park and set him free. After some hesitation he jumped into freedom.

To read the Elf Fantasy Fair review and see the pictures: here!


Week 5


Lunch time! The fact that I don't like breakfast is compensated by my love for a great lunch with grilled sweet potato. Last friday my boyfriend had to present/defend his master's thesis. Of course he did a great job, looking real sharp in his new suit. It has been my absolute favorite store for quite some time now: COS. It's the somewhat more expensive sister of H&M with an awesome scandinavian look and feel to it. A few weeks ago we placed an order for this beautiful ring. It has a real ruby in it and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. My boyfriend meant to give it to my on my birthday but unfortunately there was some delay as the ring was being hand-made. I can't stop staring at it. Luus gave me eyelash extensions. I love the fact that my eyes now look open and awake every moment of the day without any mascara. It makes me feel like a little doll. Operation mouse hunt has begun. I noticed some signs of little mouse friend in our kitchen. Since our cat is somewhat of a wuss, it's my turn to catch this little friend. I'm an huge animal lover, so the usual traps just won't do. So my father built us this animal friendly trap. Once trapped, I can set the mouse free in the park. I was bit sad about missing the free and special Ben Howard performance last wednesday. Therefore, having his vinyl record on repeat seemed like the right thing to do.


Week 4


After cutting my split ends, I keep on wishing for my hair to grow back faaaast. It's a bit longer than shoulder length at the moment but it feels awkward and inbetween. When I was still living with my parents our easter breakfasts weren't complete without these easter buns from the local bakery and a butter lamb. My mother gave us a few to enjoy by ourselves. This week, I saw a little boy with a white fluffy pom-pom as a tail (the cutest easterbunny ever) walking across this log. Okay, Rick isn't a little boy (neither does he own or wear a pom-pom tail) but I can't deny him the opportunity of a some log walking fun. We spent Easter day at my aunt's house in Enkhuizen with the entire family for an Easter brunch. Well, with 11 people in total, it's a rather small family. Whenever I'm having a bad day (and since I'm still a bit ill, having a bad day is an understatement this week) I like to treat myself to some food from Marqt. The weather is very unpredictable lately. It can change from nice and sunny to grey and rainy in.. well what seems like a few seconds. Dying my hair always results in a messy bathroom which looks as if an episode of Dexter has been recorded there. Having red hair is a bitch to maintain, even after all those years. But it's worth the effort.


Week 3


Dear Sigmund deserves his 5 seconds of fame. He always does this trick to lure me into giving him some cat sweets. Together with some friends, I went to the Kakkmaddafakka concert. Which was crazy. Apart from the occasional bruise (due to the pit) I've had an amazing time. I'm not a big breakfast kind of girl to be quite honest. But in a local store I ran into some muesli from MyMuesli (berry delicious), which was quite nice. Slowly but surely, spring is also starting to kick in at my parents' garden. It will end up being very green in just a few weeks. And it's about time for the winter grayness to be gone. As a birthday present I went to visit a friend of my mother, who has lots of little lambs at the moment. I cuddled them for hours and even got the chance to feed a couple of them with a bottle. Almost 7,5 years ago my (now) boyfriend gave me this necklace. It became the starting point of our relationship. Even after all those years I still love him to pieces and I'm so glad I can wake up next to him every day. Currently I'm feeling a bit ill, feels like the start of pharyngitis. So yesterday I decided to stay in bed to entire day. I watched some series and drank lots of tea and homemade sorbet ice-cream.