Week 2


After a wonderful birthday party I spent almost the entire day being extremely lazy in bed. For the party I made a key lime meringue pie. And for a first attempt of a pie that wasn't store bought or made from a pre-made mix, it was quite a success! Recently we found this gorgeous old suitcase at the thrift shop. It's the perfect place for all our vinyl records. I just love love love high quality food filled with veggies. This salad was a combination of couscous, grilled bell pepper, spring onions, olives, cucumber, chickpeas and some lime juice/salt/pepper. Absolutely delish! Since I've got this thing for Arie, Arie themed presents always seem to show up on special occasions. And oh well, I don't mind. The more the better. I spent the entire afternoon in the park with lovely Nona ((check out her blog) and some wine. I'm enjoying this weather to the fullest, if only it could stay this way. We discovered an amazing new organic snack bar, Sybo, in the neighborhood. They serve freshly made fries, made from organic potatoes. It's also a great place to check out if your looking for organic (and some vegetarian!) snacks.

Do check out Sybo's Facebook and Website.

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