Week 1








My boyfriend decorated my chair for my 24th birthday. In my family we always have little pancakes for diner on special occasions, which results in leftovers for breakfast. As a birthday present I got a pretty semi-sheer jumper from COS. Let me share with you the he room in our house I love the most: our bedroom. The bed is a super super super high box spring with a Texel wool duvet. It makes me feel like the princess and the pea every day. Today, I took a long walk to and through the city center and made a well deserved short stop at the Bakkerswinkel for a delicious scone and cheesecake. A year ago I got this wonderful bag from some of my best friends for my birthday, it has been my absolute favorite ever since. And finally: spring had arrived! The past few days have been really nice and sunny, the park looks so much better with all the little flowers and sunshine through the (still leafless) trees

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  1. Gefeliciteerd nog :) die laatste foto is zo lentig! en vet mooie tas joh