Week 41


Happy holidays everybody! It's amazing walking through town right now and enjoying the lights everywhere. So pretty :) Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a lot of food. I've spent this Christmas day together with my boyfriend and prepared some awesome food. I just love cooking yummy veggie food! This week my boyfriend brought me some flowers :) So sweet! (But yes, I suck at keeping flowers 'alive' haha) I found this vegan gyros in Marqt this week and it's really delicious! I've never tried 'real' gyros since I've been a vegetarian for aaaages now, but it was really nice finding some vegan food with lots of spices in it! Had a bit of a blue Saturday, but spending time in bed always helps :) Remember my cocao softserve recipe? Add some frozen cherries and it's even better! So... no big apocalypse or alien abductions this week..


Recipe: Chocolate lava cake


On day 117 of my 365 project I tried this amazing chocolate lava cake recipe for the first time. My friend Sara introduced me to it, and I just had to try it out (can't go wrong with chocolate, right?). Not only is Sara a great friend, she makes a-ma-zing cakes. Really, amazing! She writes about them on her blog so be sure to check her out! I wanted to share this incredibly easy recipe with you to spread the chocolate lava cake love a bit :) It's pretty much foolproof and makes a great Christmas dessert.

This recipe is enough for two servings
(or three, if you can stop yourself from eating the batter.. okay two servings!)


100 gr. butter
100 gr. dark chocolate
2 eggs
2 or 3 tbsp icing sugar
1 heaped tsp flower
2 ramekins

Preheat the oven to 160 degrees celcius.

You could grease the ramekins a bit if you're planning to remove the cakes, but I usually eat them straight from the bowl.

Dice the butter and chocolate, this will make the recipe even easier to make! Now take a bowl and melt the chocolate and butter au bain-marie.

In another bowl whisk together the eggs and icing sugar. Whisk until the mixture starts foaming slightly, this should take about two minutes.

Now gently add the chocolate mixture to the eggs and stir together. You can now mix in the sifted flour give the batter its last stir. Pour the batter into the ramekins, making sure you don't fill them up too high (3/4 max). Place in the preheated oven for about 10-12 minutes. The cake should still be a bit runny in the center.

See, I told you it was easy :) Thank you Sara!



Week 40


My secret project is growing quick right now. There's still a lot of effort to put into it, but it's getting there.. shhhh. Had a meeting with a former classmate of mine, Marcel. More exciting things are going to happen at ProPrints.nl so stay tuned! :) (You can also follow the Facebook page for upcoming announcements!) These busy days call for a nice and warming soup so I made this roasted bell pepper and garlic soup. Amsterdam is covered in grey clouds the past few days, it's still a lovely view though! I met up with Anne at the library, where we enjoyed the view and the red velvet cake I sneaked into the restaurant. Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this red velvet cake! Just.. awesome! I really have to resist the urge to crawl under the blankets, cover myself in giant sweaters end cocoon myself through these grey winter days. But these days could use some cheering up, so my duck (or as I prefer: geese) dress and wolf belt are here to safe the day! The deadlines are closing in, but the sunday is still a day of laziness. We played some board games, drank tea and watched some series. As always, the king of laziness, Sigmund joined us :)


Week 39


I always set up our christmas tree the day after Sinterklaas. If it were up to me I'd let it stand there all year round, in all its glory! It's a fake one, but it's really pretty :) We've survived the first day of 'real' snow. Well real.. it turned into a real mess within a few hours. I made this (perfect!) winter pie: pumpkin (steamed for about 10 minutes to soften a bit), red onions & courgette (sautéed with some balsamic vinegar/honey/salt/thyme) and feta cheese (and 1 whisked egg to bind it a bit). Yummy! Bye snow, I hope you will be back again soon (but please less messy and less wet). You can never, I repeat NEVER, own too much mugs if you ask me. Both my aunt, my boyfriend and his mother seem to agree with me on this point judging from the presents they gave me for Sinterklaas :) And yes, I know it's terribly cold right now, but that's no excuse to stop eating ice cream. Just pop some frozen bananas and frozen cherries in a blender, together with a little bit of water and get ready to enjoy this lovely vegan cherry/banana ice cream. Everybody has (or needs) those special people who'll guide you through everything. People who don't use your friendship for some personal gain, but constantly aim at building a better friendship. Together. People who can dry your tears and put a smile on your face, even in the middle of the night or on early mornings. No friendship ever existed without some small struggles, but these people are there for you.. and they shall be there for you. Anytime. Cherish those people, they should know how special they are. Cherish them, because where would you be without them? I've told 'them' before, but I will tell them again: I cherish you :).


Week 38


Last week I read the word 'french toast' somewhere and I couldn't stop thinking about it for days. I kept on craving this warm, sugary goodness. Yum! This monday we celebrated our 8th anniversary (yes 8 years, it still exists!). I've spent over a third of my life with you <3 Thank you for always being there when I need you. On sunday, after being horrible delayed (our journey took over 5 hours instead of 2,5), we enjoyed Texel once again and celebrated our anniversary a bit. We walked more than 20km, enjoyed the island and the sun! Can't wait to go back (or stay). It's Sinterklaas time which means a lot of presents! I was so curious to try this organic limoncello from Di Zabbia, but you really can't go wrong with lemon flavoured drinks :) A lot of new exciting things could happen anytime soon, but I don't want to jinx it :) Time for some brainstorming and let's make this happen! And brainstorming calls for snack time! Some oven roasted sweet potatoes, pumpkin and falafel balls, together with some garlic yoghurt. Perfect snack if you ask me. My boyfriend made me this amazing painting (or actually icon) of our cat for Sinterklaas. Look how pretty it is! :)))


Week 37


My Facebook followers already may have noticed my tiny celebration: there have been over 10.000 page views on this blog so far!! Thank you all so much for your great comments, mails and support over the past 8 months! :) I keep on trying, but I'm not a breakfast person. So I tried tricking my mind into thinking I was eating some pie, because you can't go wrong with pie! So I cooked some apple and banana together with a lot of cinnamon and some sugar. And it worked because it felt like I was eating some warm apple pie! Glue, glue everywhere. It's time to start making the Sinterklaas surprises again. So I'm paper maching my butt off right now. So what did you do this sunday morning? We had an IKEA brunch, cheap-ass style! We defied the stormy weather but couldn't find the items we wanted, too bad.. Ah coffee dates at Friday Next :) Not only do they have a nice cafe, the store is filled with amazing furniture and accessories! Foam currently has an amazing (and huge!) Diane Arbus exhibition which I just had to check out since I really like her work :) It can't hurt trying to ward of the evil eye from time to time. I really like how fragile this bracelet looks :) I always love how this vegan roti tastes even better the next day. A nice warming sandwich for lunch!


Week 36


Yeah! I made it past the 250th mark. Sometimes it can be a real struggle, keeping up with this 365 project. But I'm getting closer and closer to the finish line! This saturday we ate pancakes for breakfast, watched the arrival of Sinterklaas on national television and cuddled with our needy cat. Could have been worse! Sinterklaas usually drops his presents down the chimney, luckily for me he's also fine with using the radiator. I wanted something green for lunch so I made a homemade hummus and grilled green asparagus tips sandwich. Mmmm! Rick has been working so hard at his new job, I'm a proud proud girlfriend. It's good to know that I'll always have his back and that he'll always have mine. Black black black. There's no other word to describe my wardrobe. This sheer blouse and I were meant to be friends, hello new friend! I saw this sweet potato and spinach mac and cheese recipe on Naturally Ella and just had to try it out! I did made some small adjustments (since I don't like food with too much cheese) but boy it was delicious! I expected it to be rich and overpowering, but it was rather light and pleasant :) It seems like the only concerts I visit nowadays take place in (old) churches. I got to take pictures at Spinvis' performance at 'Hart op de tong, our review can be found here.


Week 35


It was quite a busy week but when times are busy it's important to enjoy the little things that life brings you. Tony Chocolonely has been my favourite chocolate brand for years now, and occasionally they come up with limited editions. This milk chocolate bar with caramel and sea salt really steals the show! We enjoy the tiny moments of sunshine that are still available before the dark winter kicks in :) Busy shooting exciting things so I threw some things together for a quick lunch. This wrap contains grilled beetroots (red and yellow) and paprika, couscous, spring onions, leftover lentil balls and my favourite: lots of ketchup! Karsu performed an session at the Fame record shop, of which I took some pictures for the Festivalinfo website (they can be found here). This lady has a great voice (and amazing hair)! I wanted to visit my parents for Sintmaarten (which resembles Halloween a bit) since it could have been the last time they could decorate the house like this. As my boyfriend put it "it feels like now, winter can finally commence" :) Sivert Høyem played an amazing set in an Amsterdam church called 'De Duif'. A great setting for a great performer, goose bumps all over! My first attempt at making poached pears turned out well. They had such a nice deep red colour :)